Historical houses in Malatya in danger of disappearing

Historical houses in Malatya and Boztepe are in danger of collapsing.

The historical houses / mansions of Meletî (Malatya), which have been hosting various peoples and cultures throughout history, are quickly disappearing.

The historical Boztepe Mansion in the neighborhood of Göztepe is about to collapse due to neglect while some historical houses are damaged due to past fires.

The situation of the historic houses in the busy streets of the city is deplorable.

Residents of Göztepe told ANF: "It is deplorable to leave the historical Boztepe Mansion collapsing in one of the busiest streets of Malatya."

The municipality 'secured' the mansion with so-called protection iron barriers.

"We don't understand what these barriers are for. - said the residents - While the roof of the mansion can fall on our heads at any time, they put barriers are put on the door. The carved stones in the mansion which had various figures carved on them have become a pile of garbage."