Kurdish cultural activities in Switzerland continue

The Kurdish Culture and Art Movement in Switzerland continues its artistic activities for the new event year.

The Kurdish Culture and Art Movement in Switzerland (Med Cultural Centre), headquartered in Basel, started its new event year with an Mehmet Atlı and Sasa Serap concert on October 2 and film days in Geneva on October 27.

As part of its 6-month schedule, the Kurdish Culture and Art Movement in Switzerland will organize a Dengbêj Council and film days, as well as Kurdish Culture Week and Folklore Camps in Geneva and Basel. Painting and photography exhibitions and a series of concerts are planned against the Treaty of Lausanne which led to the separation of Kurdistan into four parts as its centenary is approaching.

The Dengbej Council (Şevbêrg Dengbêjî) will be held in Basel on November 6. The Dengbej Council, featuring artists Ozan Şemdîn, Kawa Urmiye, Baran Bazid, Delil Maniş, Berfin Demir, Newroz, Hikmet Toktaş and Ozan Perwer, will be held in the event hall of the Democratic Kurdish Community centre at Elsåsstrasse 215 Basel.

Basel Kurdish Film Days will take place on December 3-4. The films to be screened are as follows:

The Navnîşan (Address) directed by Aram Dildar, Berxwedan Jîyane (Resistance is Life) directed by Apo W. Bazidi, Dûr e... (Is it Far?) directed by Leyla Toprak, Berxwedan 33 Salan (Dayîka Berfo) directed by Veysi Altay, Bê Deng (Silent) directed by L. Rêzan Yeşilbaş and Zindan An jî Sîrgun (Prisoner or Exile) directed by Şerif Çiçejük.

The event programme is as follows:

Şevbêrk-Dengbej Council in Basel on November 6,

Basel Kurdish Film Days on December 3-4,

Basel Kurdish Culture Week on April 13-16,

Folklore Camp activities in Switzerland in December,

Painting and photography exhibitions and concerts as part of a one-year campaign to mark the anniversary of the Treaty of Lausanne.