Kurdish publishers will unite in an association

The workshop organized by Kurdish publishers in Amed, ended with the decision to establish the Kurdish Publishers Union.

The Kurdish Studies Network organized the second Kurdish publishers' workshop in Amed on 6-7 July.

At the workshop, publishers discussed the problems they face, editorial and proofreading issues, as well as the need for a common language, communication between publishers and planned book fairs.

The final declaration of the workshop took the decision to establish a common organization of Kurdish publishers. For this purpose, a temporary board will be formed and the work of the Kurdish Publishers Union (YEWKURD) will be the spearhead of the initiative until the first congress.

The 5-person board included Azad Zal, Bawer Berşev, Jêhat Rojhilat, Songul Keskîn, Şêrko Kanîwar.

The workshop also included the organization of two more workshops; the negotiation with relevant institutions and organizations to ensure that Kurdish books reach everywhere and diplomatic activities for this purpose. Within the scope of planning for 2024 and 2025, decisions were taken to organize book days and fairs in the cities of Kurdistan and to participate in international book fairs.