Kurdish theatre performance in Paris

Paris-based theatre group Teatra Arîn performed for the first time the piece "Gûl Bê Strî Nabê written by Şaliko Bêkes. The group plans to stage the play in many centres in Europe.

The Paris-based theatre group, Teatra Arîn has been practicing within the Kurdish cultural movement TEV-ÇAND for the last two years.

Teatra Arîn has players from the MKM theatre tradition of the 1990s and consists of players who graduated from contemporary theatre schools.

The group took special care to stage its first play written by a Kurdish writer. It plans to stage the theatre piece “Gûl Bê Strî Nabê” [No Roses Without Thorns] written by Şaliko Bêkes in almost all cities throughout Europe.

Teatra Arin will stage “Gûl Bê Strî Nabê” also on December 28 at 12 Rue de l'échiquler, 75010 Paris at 19.00. The group invites all Kurds living in Paris and its surroundings and their friends to watch the performance.