Literary Council launches writing workshop for young women in Qamishlo

The Literary Council launched a literature workshop for young women. A group of 11 young Kurdish and Arab women takes part in the workshop and learns writing techniques.

The North and East Syrian Literary Council has been organizing an "Art Week" for years. During the art week held in 2022, the writers present decided to organize a "Workshop for the Development of Young Women's Literary Talents".

The workshop started on 15 July this year, and saw the participation of 11 Kurdish and Arab women from the Cizre region.

Young women gather in Qamishlo twice a week and are taught art and writing methods by professional teachers.

Narîman Evdikê, spokesperson of the Northern and Eastern Syria Literary Council, said that they organized this workshop to support young women who want to start their writing adventure and added: “The courses are in Kurdish and Arabic. We wanted to clearly share the terms and conditions of what writing means with the girls.”

In the Northern and Eastern Syria's Literature Court, women's books and writings are evaluated in a different way. Narîman Evdikê said: “Women's pens are also different because of their different feelings and ways to see and approach things. And this appears most often in literature.”