Living Together through cinema

Antep Cinema Days kick off on Thursday.

“Living Together” is the evocative title given to the Cinema Days in Antep, promoted by Kırkayak Culture in collaboration with the Space for Another Cinema and Culture.

The Antep Cinema Days are organized for the first time and will present recent award-winning films. There will be a selection of international and regional movies carefully selected by the promoters to please Antep cinema lovers.

All movies will be screened at the Primemall Prestige Cinemas between 24 and 27 May.

Living Together

The movies which will be screened deal with themes like forced migration, refugee problem and changing boundaries that emerged under the influence of ongoing wars in today's world.

Great emphasis, as the title of the Cinema Days implies, will be given to films featuring the theme of “co-existence” as well as war, love, friendship, memory, guilt trip. The complex relations within the family will also be explored. There will be tales of people and animals living together, despite all difficulties.

Among the films to be screened are: Oscar-winning Asghar Farhadi’s ‘The Seller’, Ildikó Enyedi’s ‘Body and Soul’, François Ozons’ ‘Frantz’, the first Lebanese film to be nominated for an Oscar, ‘Defamation’ as well as Carla Simón's first award-winning film, ’93’, and ‘Cano’ directed by Mehmet Salih Demir.