London Kurdish Film Festival launches official trailer for this year’s edition

The London Kurdish Film Festival has presented the official trailer for this year’s edition. The festival will be running between 23-30 September 2022 at Vue Woodgreen, Rio Dalston and Prince Charles.

The 13th London Kurdish Film Festival (LKFF) will be returning this September. This is a highly important edition as LKFF returns to the big screens after two successful online global editions organised during the Covid-19 pandemic.

The 13th edition of LKFF will present a pre-selected programme of films that have been released between 2021-2022. It will be showcasing the latest and best new Kurdish film releases that were not given the opportunity to shine during the pandemic.

The festival will be held from the 23rd to 30th of September 2022. The LKFF has launched the trailer for this year’s edition.

The physical presence of LKFF will give the ticket holders the opportunity to meet the filmmakers, actresses and actors in person. LKFF will also host a Q&A, gala event, parties, and an award ceremony all in the name of celebrating Kurdish culture and cinema.

The Festival director, Ferhan Sterk, said: “I am very pleased with this year's selection of films and I hope viewers will also enjoy the films this year. We organised such a special edition to remind all viewers of the taste of Kurdistan as a one, with unique special stories that will take us back to where we come from. We are going to bring the culture back to big screens and communicate with other communities in London.”

The programming director, Sheriban Suyur, said: “It will be fantastic to meet up with people again and share the experience of watching films together on the big screen. Panels, workshops and LKFF parties will bring joy and a sense of unity while celebrating Kurdish Cinema in the Venue. LKFF reception, opening and closing gala events and awards ceremony will create a fantastic atmosphere for the audience and film makers to gather and enjoy Kurdish Cinema”.

The London Kurdish Film Festival

Launched in 2001, the London Kurdish Film Festival (LKFF) is the biggest film festival of its kind, bringing together films from Kurdistan and the rest of the world to film audiences in London.

LKFF is managed and produced by a team of volunteers.

The Festival provides a pivotal platform for Kurdish and non-Kurdish filmmakers to showcase films of any style, topic and genre that highlight the untold stories and experiences of the Kurdish people around the world.

The London Kurdish Film Festival was established in 2001 by a team of young filmmakers from Kurdistan who came together in London. It is the biggest film festival of its kind, bringing together films from Kurdistan and the rest of the world to audiences in London.

LKFF plays a significant role in increasing access to the international films made by Kurdish filmmakers or on themes related to Kurds made by any director for the UK audiences. Not only does it bring together films on Kurds across the Middle East including Iran, Iraq, Syria and Turkey, it also functions as a platform that brings together the Middle Eastern and Western audiences to broaden the cultural dialogue between different communities in the UK.

LKFF also offers increased access and engagement with Kurdish films that might not otherwise be seen by UK audiences and in doing so, helps grow the film audiences in the UK, raising the profile of Kurdish cinema across the UK and internationally.