Martyr Zilan's sacrifice becomes a theater playin in Kobanê

The theater play 'Zilan' was staged at the Baqî Xido Culture and Art Center in Kobanê to commemorate Martyr Zilan.

15 actors from the Martyr Yekta group performed the play 'Zilan' in Kobanê. The play directed by Ehmê Mûşîd and Necah Ibrahim was written by the Martyr Çiya group. After about two months of rehearsal, the play was staged at Baqî Xido Culture and Art Center.

Before the performance of the play, Eyşe Efendi, co-chair of the Euphrates Region Martyrs' Families Council, made a speech and explained the great role of martyr Zilan in writing the history of women and Kurdistan.

Eyşe continued: "Martyr Zilan sacrificed her life while the Kurdish people were massacred. Today, thousands follow Zilan's stance. Martyr Zilan changed history. Thanks to her, women took their place in all areas of life."

Ehmed Mûşid, the director of the play, said: "We aim to develop the theater in order to introduce the history of the region, the events and the epics of the martyrs. This play was prepared in memory of martyr Zilan, who made history with his sacrifice."

As for upcoming events, Mûşid said that they are preparing to participate in the theater festival that will be held in Shehba next November.

The other director, Necah Ibrahim, urged everyone to join the theater groups promoted in the region.