Painting exhibition in Girê Spi Refugees Camp pays tribute to student Mîrkan

Students in Girê Spi Refugees Camp organized a painting exhibition in memory of student Mîrkan and against the repression of refugees.

Girê Spi Refugees Camp School management organized an exhibition in memory of student Mîrkan Ehmed Qadir. Mirkan Ehmed died in the fire that broke out in a tent on 20 January. A teacher and 10 students were injured.

Dozens of students and their parents, camp administrators, and a delegation from the Euphrates Region Education and Training Board attended the exhibition held at the Martyr Rabin Ismail School in the camp.

In addition to Mîrkan's paintings, the exhibition included the work of those whose right to life was denied by the Turkish state's attacks and occupation of Girê Spî.

Poems describing Mîrkan were read at the opening ceremony, and the importance of resistance was emphasized.