Peace in Kurdistan Campaign remembers Huseyin Çelebî

Peace in Kurdistan Campaign remembers Huseyin Çelebî as an outstanding Kurdish political activist and fighter for his people’s freedom.

Peace in Kurdistan Campaign has issued a message in honour of Huseyin Çelebî. Today the 28th Hüseyin Çelebi Literature Festival will take place in Geneva.

Peace in Kurdistan remembers Huseyin Çelebî as an outstanding Kurdish political activist and fighter for his people’s freedom.

"As a Kurd whose family had been displaced from their homeland following the Dersim Massacre of 1938, Huseyin was born into a family whose background was steeped in the history of the Kurdish struggle. Involvement in politics was second nature to him. Activism was an inescapable and integral part of who he was from his earliest days," underlined the statement by Peace in Kurdistan Campaign.

The statement continued: "Driven by a passion for justice exemplified in the cause of the Kurdish liberation struggle, Huseyin Çelebî’s bravery was unsurpassed and commitment unflinching. His life became an embodiment of that cause, and the cause grew in strength with his participation and through the enduring example of his steadfastness and ultimate martyrdom.

As one of those accused in Germany’s notorious show trial of Kurdish political activists that was held in Dusseldorf between 1989 and 1994, Huseyin Çelebî remained unbowed and his commitment undiminished. In fact, his stature as a human being and as a fighter for freedom were only strengthened through that experience.

In a short but intense life, he showed outstanding abilities as an activist, leader and human being. He possessed all those essential qualities of loyalty, courage and intelligence that comprise the best of what it means to be fully human.

A founding member of the Kurdistan Students’ Union in Europe, his prowess as a young leader was clearly demonstrated at an early age."

Peace in Kurdistan underlined that "Huseyin dedicated his life to his people’s liberation and to this day he continues to be a role model for Kurdish youth and an inspiration to all those working for the freedom of the Kurds.

Peace in Kurdistan honours his memory. His life and dedication will continue to motivate all our actions."

Peace in Kurdistan also published a poem in memory of Çelebî.

Our Freedom – our freedom – our freedom 

a sound we repeat with angry lips

under the exchange of fire

and flames

we run after it

despite our chains

and follow its tracks

despite the night

and struggle ardently

for our freedom


We shall carve its name

while we resist

on the land

by the walls

and the doors

and the fields

on every hill

and every valley

and every curve

and road

in prisons

in the torture rooms

despite the chains

and house demolitions.

We shall carve its name

Until we see it again

Extending to our homeland

and flourish

by our freedom.

And the night vanishes

and the day breaks

our freedom – our freedom – our freedom.

Estella, 14 October 2021