Six jihadists killed in HRE operations in Afrin

Six jihadists have been killed in the latest operations of the Afrin Liberation Forces against the occupation forces.

Afrin Liberation Forces (Hêzên Rizgariya Efrînê, HRE) released a statement reporting successful actions against the occupying forces in the northern Syrian canton.

According to the statement, three jihadists were killed in an HRE operation in the village of Omera in Afrin’s Sherawa district on March 26.

On April 1, HRE carried out a sabotage operation against the vehicle of jihadist leader Abu Khalid in the village of Birç Heyder in Sherawa. Khalid and two other jihadists were killed and the vehicle was completely destroyed.

On the same day, a sabotage operation against the jihadist occupiers took place in the Mahmudiyah neighborhood of Afrin, causing damage to property.

According to HRE, the Turkish state-controlled occupying forces continue their attacks on Afrin and Shehba regions Reconnaissance flights continue to take place over the entire region.