Solidarity concert for Rojava, Kurdistan and Abdullah Öcalan in Rome

A concert organised by Italian artists in Rome called for solidarity with the Kurdish freedom movement, the Rojava revolution and Abdullah Öcalan.

A solidarity concert for Kurdistan and Abdullah Öcalan took place in Rome. The event at Villa Ada was organised by Italian artists, with the participation of Eli Germano and Paolo Benvegnù, as well as the musicians Ardecore, Alessandro D'Alessandro, Marco Rovelli, Kento, Bestierare, Pier Paolo Capovilla and Bologna Violente.

Solidarity with the Kurdish liberation struggle was expressed at the concert. On behalf of the Kurdistan Information Office and the Kurdish Red Crescent organisation Mezzaluna Rossa, speeches were given informing about the situation in Kurdistan one hundred years after the Lausanne Treaty and the isolation of PKK founder and Kurdish leader Abdullah Öcalan in Turkish custody. There has been no sign of Öcalan for more than two years and the Turkish occupation attacks on the autonomous region of northern and eastern Syria, which emerged from the revolution in Rojava, continue, the representatives of the Kurdish organisations explained and called for support for the struggle for freedom. Rojava is seen worldwide as a symbol of hope, and in Italy, too, the general silence on Turkey's war crimes must be broken, they said.