'Writing to you since the Revolution' meets readers in Switzerland

The book 'Writing to you since the Revolution', in which twelve French women describe the Rojava Revolution, is meeting the Swiss people.

The book titled “'Writing to you since the Revolution': Stories of women internationalists in Rojava” (Nous vous écrivons depuis la révolution: Récits de femmes internationalistes au Rojava) has been promoted in dozens of cities and communal centers in Belgium and France since October.

The book's presentation in Switzerland began on Thursday, December 16 at the University of Geneva.

The book, which piqued the interest of University of Geneva students, relates the story of the Rojava revolution, which was led by YPJ women fighters.

The collection contains texts, poetry, stories, excerpts from private diaries, letters, and interviews written by 12 French women in Rojava over the course of three years.

"This book began with a desire and an obligation: To communicate the events, interactions, and feelings that went through the core of the Rojava movement. It’s a longing, because so much beauty, vitality, and hope should spread to every single one of our lives, every resistance in this world. It is necessary because it is our obligation not to make Rojava a personal experience, but to promote the project and revolutionary reality of people who have taught us so much," are the words highlighted at the book’s promotional text.

Regarding the book presented at the University of Geneva by French women writers Maria and Marie, author Maria told ANF: "During the three years we were in Rojava, we had the opportunity to observe the revolution that took place here. We were compelled to write a book on why we went to Rojava and the experiences that provided us with the beauty, life, and hope that the Rojava Revolution left us with during our three years there, and to share it with the rest of the world. The book ‘Writing to you since the Revolution' evolved as a result of our search to find answers to this need."

The book, written by 12 internationalist women, will be presented to its readers on Friday in La Chaux-de-Fond and on Saturday in Sion.