Zagros Film Festival shows selection of Kurdish movies online

The Zagros Film Festival shows 15 unique films realized by Kurdish directors online.


The Zagros Film Festival features 15 unique films realized by Kurdish directors. These films originate from various regions of Kurdistan and are filmed in different dialects of Kurdish.

The festival has been showing films online throughout the month of March and will end on Sunday 31 March. 

The films can be watched here

The festival, which will screen the first film ever made about the Kurds, Grass, and the second film, Zerê, highlights the journey of Kurdish cinema from its past to the present and emphasizes the rich heritage and future perspectives in this field.

Cinema and the online world offer more than just an artistic and expressive outlet for the Kurdish people; they have the power to bring together a community divided by hardships and borders, rallying around a common identity and culture. This festival transcends physical boundaries, bringing together Kurds worldwide and anyone interested in Kurdish culture. Through the universal language of cinema, it is possible to develop a common understanding and a spirit of solidarity.