300-year-old walnut trees cut in Bahçesaray and sold by people close to AKP

300-year-old walnut trees are sold in the Bahçesaray district of Van. Cihan Orhan from AKP is leading the sales process.

In the villages of Kaşıkçılar, Çatbayır, Güneyyamaç and Altındere in Bahçesaray, gangs affiliated with the AKP cut 300-year-old walnut trees and sell them to companies from Bitlis.

One of the members of the gang is Cihan Orhan, who is close to AKP deputy Gülşen Orhan. The 300-year-old walnut trees cut in the nature massacre led by AKP's Cihan Orhan and his partner Kazım Orta are taken to Bitlis and sold to some companies. Walnut trees in mosque courtyards, which are under the control of Van Metropolitan Municipality Cemeteries Department, are cut down.

The cutting of walnut trees, which is strictly prohibited, is allowed by the police and gendarmerie. This is because Cihan Orhan warned the police and gendarmerie not to intervene.