Build a playground in Dêrik campaign

The Berlin city partnership Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg - Dêrik is starting a Christmas donation campaign for a new playground in Dêrik.

The municipality of Dêrik is building a new park in the city, in which a children's playground will also be built. The city administration turned to the town twin association with a request for financial support. The playground is to be equipped with a trampoline, a climbing device, a swing, a seesaw and a children's carousel. The cost of this is around 5,000 euros.

There are hardly any friendly playgrounds for the children in Dêrik. Most of them date from the time of the Assad regime and consist of a few metal frames on a dusty floor. Many children of the current generation are traumatized, either because they had to flee with their parents from the regions occupied by Turkey, Afrin, Serêkaniyê or Girê Spî, or because the population is in constant fear of Turkish drone attacks, a new invasion or suicide bombings by ISIS sleeper cells. This affects children too.

The coronavirus pandemic, which is particularly serious in Dêrik and the surrounding area, hits children particularly hard. Kindergartens and schools have to be closed again and again. Therefore, outdoor activities are particularly important now. The aim of the donation campaign of the Berlin city twin association is to financially support the city administration in the implementation of the park and the playground.

Dêrik should become a green city

The city administration of Dêrik has made it its general task to make the city greener. An example that could set a precedent in other cities. The town twin association supported its twin town in 2019 with the greening of part of the river bed that meanders through Dêrik and with the creation of neighbourhood gardens. The city administration is now continuing this greening project on its own. Trees and bushes are planted along one side of the river bank. Instead of the previous dusty ground on the bank, which served as a parking lot and garbage dump, there is now a paved path that invites you to take a promenade.

In order to counteract climate change and the associated desertification, it is particularly important in northern Syria to promote reforestation. The Assad regime in the past cleared forests in order to gain agricultural land for the cultivation of monocultures. The population was forbidden from planting trees or creating vegetable gardens.

Greened parking strips, parks and the use of fallow land for growing vegetables in cities are important components for improving the urban climate. Neighbourhood gardens promote self-sufficiency by growing vegetables and contribute to the cohesion of 'communes', as the neighbourhoods are called. In the areas of ​​the Autonomous Administration, several neighbourhoods are organized in these municipalities, which take care of local matters in the residential area independently and bring their concerns to the city administration, which then has to take care of the implementation of the requests by citizens.

School gardens instead of desolate, concrete schoolyards would also benefit the climate, promote environmental awareness of children and also do them good mentally. There are many ideas that could be tried in Dêrik and elsewhere.

Improve the quality of life in Rojava by supporting donation projects

In the run-up to Christmas, many small and large associations or NGOs solicit donations. All of these projects are extremely important for the Autonomous Administration, which is making all possible efforts to cope with the diverse tasks, a functioning health system, good education or the ecological restructuring of the region.

Donations for the playground project of the city partnership Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg - Derik e.V. can be sent to:

City partnership Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg -Dêrik e.V.

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