French journalist reacts to 'international hypocrisy' against Kurds

Journalist and writer Philippe de Val evaluated the agreement with Turkey at the NATO summit on French Europe 1 radio. The French journalist emphasized how the Kurds were suddenly seen as "a problem" for world peace.

Philippe de Val reacted to the "international hypocrisy" against the Kurds.

“If you don't want to be gassed, persecuted, purged, arrested and not to be a subject of international hypocrisy, you can be Polish, Inuit or Argentinian, but avoid being Kurdish. I see no benefit in being a Kurd,” Philippe de Val said.


“Four nations share Kurdish lands: Turkey, Iran, Iraq and Syria. In short, the Kurds live under a military dictatorship, theocracy and fascist regime. The Kurds have three options: barbarism, arbitrary practices or exile,” Val continued.

Val reminded the Lausanne agreement and the disintegration of the Kurdish lands, and the genocide attacks of Saddam Hussein's regime, including ISIS atrocities in 2014.


“ISIS occupied some parts of Syria to establish its caliphate to spread terrorism to the whole world. Europe and Africa were hit hard. In the Middle East, on the other hand, we saw scenes of organized and planned systematic terror that could not be imagined since the fall of the Nazi regime. The Kurds were on the front lines and led the international coalition to defeat ISIS. The Kurds sacrificed their own lives to save us. It should be noted that in this region, where it is rare for men and women to be treated equally except the Kurds, the Kurdish women of the Women's Defence Units waged a heroic war against ISIS. After the defeat of ISIS, the Turkish army entered Syria to massacre the Kurds before the West’s eyes. Unfortunately, the West was looking the other way,” Val said.


“That’s not the whole thing. The Ukrainian war began. Felt threatened, Sweden and Finland wanted to join NATO. These two countries are far from Kurdistan. Nobody sees any connection between the NATO bids of two small Nordic countries and the Kurds. No one, except Turkey’s Erdogan who only sees the Kurds everywhere,” Val said.

Pointing out that the Kurds have suddenly become a "problem" for the world peace, Val recalled Erdogan's threat to use his veto on NATO membership if the Kurds are not handed over to him.

Val pointed to the statements of Finland and Sweden that they would examine Erdogan's deportation requests, adding that “I hope that we will show loyalty for once by betraying our own words."