FridaysForFuture in solidarity with Rojava

Protest and actions will take place on Friday, 18th October, under the slogan "#FridaysForPeace - Stop the war against Rojava".

Since the beginning of the Turkish war of aggression in Rojava / Northern Syria, which violated international law, many civil society organizations have condemned this attack. Over 80 FridaysForFuture groups also condemn - in a joint international statement - the war and call for action on Friday, 18th October, and for participation in worldwide demonstrations on 19th October.

On 9th October, the Turkish army launched a war of aggression against the self-government of the Democratic Federation of Northern and Eastern Syria / Rojava, in violation of international law. Within the framework of the Democratic Federation, grassroots democratic structures, cooperative and sustainable economies and women's structures have been established in all areas of society in recent years. The war is directed against these values of the Democratic Federation.

One day after the beginning of the attacks, two FridaysForFuture Rojava activists had uploaded a video message to FridaysForFuture worldwide on their Facebook. In it, they emphasize: "We want people all over the world to stand up, demonstrate and resist against the occupation by Turkey".

Activists of the various FridayForFuture groups are now responding to this call. On Thursday, 17th October, more than 80 FridaysForFuture local groups from Germany, Switzerland, the USA, Iran, Syria and Italy jointly published a statement of solidarity with Rojava.

It says: “We, as Fridays For Future groups, condemn the attack of the Turkish army on the Democratic Federation of North and East Syria / Rojava. We are part of the global climate justice movement, just as the people in Rojava who are building a society based on the principles of radical democracy, women’s liberation and in particular ecology. For this reason, the local Friday For Future Rojava group has called upon us to take action, and we have to stand in solidarity with the people in Northeast Syria who are threatened by the Turkish invasion. We call upon everyone to take the necessary steps to stop this war.”

The statement in solidarity with Rojava emphasises that ; "The war of the Turkish state on Rojava is at the same time a deep humanitarian crisis as it is an ecological one. Thousands of people are already fleeing from the attacks that have destroyed the cities and villages of Rojava. The destruction of nature in this war is going to bring about a deep impact on the ecological systems in the region which will make life harder for current and coming generations."

In addition, the international statement of solidarity calls for solidarity actions with the people in Rojava and for protests against European governments and automotive companies. The statement says: “We call for actions in solidarity with Rojava and, in particular, to protest the support of European governments and companies, that are supporting the Turkish state in its war against Rojava by weapon exports, diplomatic support and financial help.”

FridaysForFuture’s spokesperson in Frankfurt am Main in Germany emphasizes: "The involvement of the automotive industry in arms production proves once again that these corporations are willing to accept, for profit, the destruction of the climate, which will have fatal consequences for people in the global South, as well as war. That can no longer be the case. We demand a system change so that growth and profit will never again be the maxim of our actions".

According to the signatory groups in Germany, protest and actions will take place on Friday, 18th October, against the automotive industry, which is destroying the climate and profits from the war against Rojava through arms exports and through production in Turkey. The slogan of these actions is: "#FridaysForPeace - Stop the war against Rojava".

At the end of the groups’ solidarity statement, they call upon the climate justice movement to join worldwide demonstration against the war this Saturday, 19th October.

FridaysForFuture, ParentsForFuture and StudentsForFuture groups that have signed the statement:

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