Gola Xizir reveals flowers and bird species as snow melts

Gola Xizir fascinates those who see it with its green meadows, flowers and bird species as the snow melts.

The district of Mazgirt, at an altitude of 1,430, where Bağin thermal springs and Mazgirt Castle are located, is a beautiful nature spot, with historical sites and bird species all year around. The storks that come to the villages of the districts every year in the spring continue their lives in the nests they build on the electricity poles, the roofs of the houses and the chimneys.

Gola Xizir (Sülüklü Göl) located at the foot of Mazgirt Mountains in the village of Sindam (Yukarıoyumca) in Mazgirt also fascinates nature and photography lovers with its green meadows and flower species growing around it as the snow melts, and storks nesting on poles around it.

In addition to frogs and daisies, Gola Xizir is home to species such as cormorants, mallard ducks and reed grouse.

Dersim is one of the geographies where the Alevi faith is dominant. In Alevism, it is believed that everything has a soul, and Gola Xizir was accepted as sacred by the local people in line with this belief and its natural beauty was preserved.