HDK calls on everyone to increase resistance against policies that destroy environment

The HDK said: "We must increase the resistance against policies that destroy forests, water areas, agricultural areas and biodiversity."

The Congress of the Democratic People (HDK) Ecology Council issued a written statement on the Paris Agreement, which was brought to the Parliament and approved by the AKP-MHP government.

The statement said: "The Paris Climate Agreement, which was accepted at the 21st UN Climate Change Conference of Parties (COP21) held in Paris in December 2015 and signed by 197 party countries in April 2016, was also ratified by Turkey six years later."

The statement added: "Instead of waiting for a transformation in the ecological destruction policies of the government, we have to make more efforts to enlarge the struggle for ecology.

As HDK, we say:

The ecological crisis cannot be overcome unless it overcomes capitalism and the order of states. Even a single step towards immediate and real solutions to the climate crisis caused by the states responsible for ecological destruction depends on escalating the struggle of the peoples.

We must increase the resistance to policies that destroy forests, watersheds, farmland and biodiversity. We must scale up the fight against the new nuclear wave. We must fight harder to stop coal and thermal power plant investments, remove mining companies from forests, and stop all mega projects such as Kanal Istanbul and Yenişehir. We must increase the struggle for a democratic, fair participatory democracy that respects the rights of all living things in nature, not capital."