Iranian soldiers kill kolbar

Iranian soldiers opened fire on a group of kolbars killing one and wounding another .

According to Rojnews, forces affiliated with the Iranian state opened fire on a group of kolbars from Bane who were working in the border areas.

Mehran Rehmani, 24, who was married for 2 years, lost his life, and 45-year-old Ibrahim Rehmani was injured.

It was reported that both kolbars were from the village of Menîclan in Banê.

In 2021, 54 kolbars were killed and 165 kolbars were injured.

Kolbar comes from the Kurdish words, “kol” (back) and “bar” (load). Kolbars make their living carrying loads along the perilous border line. Their loads include cigarettes, mobile phones, clothes, housewares, tea and rarely alcohol. They walk through dangerous terrain to continue this trade between Southern and Eastern Kurdistan. The goods they bring are sold at high prices in Tehran, but the kolbars who risk their lives for them are paid very modestly.