Make Rojava Green Again: Ecocide in Kurdistan is the product of colonization

Make Rojava Green Again has published a new article called "Ecocide in Kurdistan: A product of colonization".

Make Rojava Green Again, the ecological campaign of the Internationalist Commune, has published a new article called "Ecocide in Kurdistan: A product of colonization".

The article argues that "usually, if there is a natural catastrophe or a destruction of the ecosystem happening against a whole land, against a whole society, a reaction from environmentalists, climate activists and NGOs is being shown.But that is not the case if the existence of a land and a society is denied or ignored – just like it is in the case of Kurdistan. Without being noticed by the public, we are today witnessing a large ecocide all over Kurdistan."

The article says that "to hold effective ecological resistance, it is necessary to understand the roots of the ecological crisis carried out by capitalism that we are facing today. Capitalist modernity rose in the context of colonization. Genocides and slavery have been the condition of massive looting of resources and destruction of lands and vice-versa. Ecocides and exploitation of nature,women and society as a whole went hand in hand for thousands of years.The capitalist system brought this logic onto a constant increasing scale, and pursues its way to making the earth inhabitable. Colonialism is nowadays still the very basis of capitalism, providing most of the raw materials and cheap labor. Also, the system’s mindset is giving so little value to life that,also in the context of Kurdistan, ecocide is launched not only for looting resources, but also for the sake of destruction of any kind of resistance, in ignorance of the complexity of relations of different life forms that make life itself possible."