Naci Sönmez: Let's be in Cûdî to protest plunder of nature

HDP deputy co-chair Naci Sönmez said that people should fight united against the plunder of nature and called on everyone to attend the march on Cûdî.

The Mesopotamian Ecology Movement will promote a march to Cûdî on Saturday, 17 September with the slogan ‘We are marching against the destruction caused by war and the plunder of nature".

Peoples' Democratic Party (HDP) deputy co-chair and spokesperson for the Ecology Commission Naci Sönmez spoke to ANF about the march.

Noting that there is not enough sensitivity towards the plunder of nature in Kurdistan, Sönmez said: “Unfortunately, there is a discrimination also in ecological plunder and ecological destruction, as there is in all areas in our country. This discrimination, especially against the Kurdish territory, is carried out systematically by the government. The areas of social sensitivity in the west of Turkey, in a way, have surrendered to this understanding."

Stating that sensitivities should be united in order to protect the planet we live on, Sönmez continued: “The defense and protest of the burned forests in Şırnak and Bingöl as well as in Muğla requires a common struggle. But the discriminatory policy has unfortunately permeated every cell of this society.”

Without a serious peace policy, nature will be destroyed

Noting that the ecological destruction occurred for two reasons, Sönmez continued: “Nature is unfortunately the target of the capitalism and neo-liberal policies of the 21st century. In order for capital to continue its own accumulation process and maintain its own existence, this area is specifically targeted by international capital. On the other hand, there is the dimension of war. As in the rest of the world, nature suffers the most in places where war takes place. Living beings are being destroyed altogether.”

Indicating that forests have been destroyed in Şırnak for security reasons, Sönmez said: “However, the way to reduce security, conflict or war risks is to live in peace. If you do not have a peace policy, if you do not take steps towards democratization, you will harm people and other living beings, and you will begin to destroy the ecosystem as a whole.”

Sönmez said: "This struggle should be perceived as a struggle against both war and the plunder of nature."

No future without a past

Pointing out that cultural heritages have been destroyed, Sönmez continued: “We are witnessing an attack on historical and cultural values and heritages. It is something that aims to erase the past and future in a sense. Without a past, there is no future. If we are to create hope for the future, we must first protect our historical past, values and culture. The struggle for ecology and the struggle to protect historical values are a united struggle. That's how we perceive it as a party, and that's why we talk about building an ecological, democratic future.”

A common voice for a common struggle

Reminding the joint initiative that took place on 5 September promoted by the Mesopotamian Ecology Movement, Naci Sönmez said that it is important to attend the march organised on 17 September, especially from the west of Turkey and added that the HDP and various ecology movements are working for the march to Cûdî to be successful. Sönmez issued a call: “If we can be a common voice, a common struggle, we will reach everyone. Because there is a great loneliness and isolation policy being carried out there. It is very important to meet there, to be together there. I believe that our combined strength will reverse this catastrophe.”