People on vigil against mining activities in Hakkari

People of Hakkari started a public vigil action against mining activities in the Marunis region.

In Marunis (tr:Kavaklı) village of Hakkari, people started a vigil action against the mining activities that have been going on since 2007 and causing destruction of the nature. People from neighbouring provinces and districts demanded that the mining activities initiated by Sedex Resources Mining Company be stopped.

People marched from Şinê Bridge on the highway connecting Hakkari and its Çukurca district to the valley where the mining site is located and made a statement at the site of the destruction. The people also conveyed their demands to the company owners. A group of 40 people took over the first vigil.

‘Our soils polluted, water sources poisoned’

Salih Kurt stated that they were victimised due to the work in the mining sites, noting that the mines were located in pasture areas. Kurt said, "Our soils have been polluted and lost their fertility due to mining activities. Our water sources have been poisoned and become undrinkable. Air pollution has also increased, causing respiratory problems."

Stating that the animal grazing areas were also destroyed, Kurt said, "The natural beauty of our village has been spoilt. Despite all these problems, mining activities continue uninterruptedly instead of being stopped. Although we have repeatedly applied to the authorities, no solution to our problem has been found. We no longer have the strength to endure. In order to protect the rights of our village and future generations, we demand that the mining works be stopped immediately."

People’s demands

Kurt listed the following demands:

"The operation of the mine in the pasture areas of Marunis village should be stopped immediately.

The damage caused by the mining activity to the environment should be compensated.

The living spaces of the villagers should be restored.

The region should be reforested."