Special policies against the nature of Kurdistan

In Cudi Mountain, the waste water flowing from coal mines is poured into Nerduş stream and pollutes the water.

The destruction of nature is increasing day by day in Kurdistan. Forests in the Şırnak region were cut down and burned during the summer months. Recently, it is reported that 500 wild goats were killed by village guards in Sêgirkê town of Uludere in November and December. Now, the water of the coal mines on the outskirts of Cudi flows into the Nerduş stream and pollutes all the water. The water flowing from the Nerduş stream reaches the Tigris River. Nerdüş Stream takes its source from the Cudi Mountain and reaches dozens of villages as well as Silopi and Cizre plain and flows into the Tigris River from there. The people of the region are aggrieved and angry as the stream has been contaminated for the last two years. Due to the dirty water flowing, the people cannot do agriculture and animal husbandry.

Speaking on the subject, HDP MP Hüseyin Kaçmaz stated that there has been a plunder of Şırnak nature since 2015 and said: "For almost two years, the water of Nerdüş Creek has been flowing in black. The waters of the coal mines on the Cudi mountain flow into the Nerduş stream, polluting the water and this water flows into the Tigris River. Our people in the surrounding villages are also victims and seriously reacted to this situation. Despite all our efforts and the reactions of the local people, the problem was not solved. Previously, the state institutions had promised to solve this problem, but as usual they did not fulfil their promises and caused the Nerduş stream to flow dirty.


Kaçmaz said, "Our people have not been able to use this water in any way for two years. Nerdüş Stream has a vital and meaningful place for the people of the region. This region is almost a breathing zone for the local people. Not only local people but also thousands of living creatures that come into contact with water are also affected by this, and polluted water causes the death of living creatures.

Many living and aquatic fish also die from this toxic water. It is as if all the living spaces have been plundered. We will continue to follow this situation and expose their dirty policies until the Nerduş stream regains its former form."

Kaçmaz continued: "a serious policy is being carried out on the geography of Kurdistan since 2015. Gabar and Cudi mountains in Sirnak are set on fire by the state. Last summer Cudi Mountain was burned by village guards and soldiers about 50 times, and tens of thousands of trees were cut down on Cudi mountain by the village guards.

Those who carry out these policies specifically target the Kurdistan nature. They almost want to take revenge on nature. They both burn and cut down the trees and pollute the water of the region. This is a special policy and it is carried out only in Kurdistan. With these policies, they want to plunder the living spaces of the people and make them uninhabitable. The government wants to make the people of the region dependent on themselves with these policies. The state has such a hope, but the Kurdish people are aware of this and never make concessions."


Kaçmaz, who drew attention to the coal mines, which have recently become a killing machine for the workers, concluded his words as follows: "There are more than 100 coal mines in the Şırnak region and no workers are secured in these mines. The mountains will remain as military zones as long as the Kurdish issue is not resolved. There is almost no chance to live and make a living in the region except for coal mines.

In the past, the people of Şırnak made their living from agriculture and animal husbandry. However, unfortunately, Şırnak mountains and plateaus have been declared as prohibited areas. Because of this, citizens are forced to work in coal mines. In these mines, no safety is provided for the employees. As it is known, the region is rich in coal and this wealth falls to the share of AKP supporters. But unfortunately, it is our poor local people who lost their lives in these jobs.

Due to the lack of job security, worker deaths are covered several times a year. AKP supporters are employed in coal mines. Nobody has the right to say that the coal mines should be closed, but the safety of the workers should definitely be taken. Because our people have to work in those mines as a means of subsistence. All mountains and plateaus of the city are forbidden."