Tree cutting continues in Cûdî and Besta

While the tree cutting started by the village guards under the supervision of soldiers continues in Cûdî and Besta, it is still forbidden to enter and exit the villages of Avgamasya, Serêdehlê and Şilêrît.

Tree cutting continues in Şırnak's Cûdî and Gabar Mountains and the Besta Region.

Deforestation continues in a wide area from Benavya and Nevava in Cûdî, from Kengê Gêrê Sêvê region to Çemê Mezin region, Bîra Pêşû, Rîsor, Şerevan, Qurteka Pêşya, Têkera and Keniya Mîr regions in Besta.

It was stated that the trees on people lands in the Bîra Pêşû region in Besta were also cut down and that the people whose trees were cut down were threatened by the village guards.

On the other hand, the construction of the police station, which was started in the Kanîya Mîr region of Besta, also continues.

It was noted that the cut trees were stored in the villages of Navyan and Mila Kêrî, and from there they were loaded on trucks and taken out of the city to be sold.

While the military attacks launched in Cûdî continue, people are still prohibited from entering and leaving the villages of Avgamasya, Serêdehlê and Şilêrît in the province of Şırnak.