Trustee appointed to Erciş Municipality doesn't even bother to collect garbage

The trustee appointed by the State to Erciş Municipality after the HDP won the local election has not been collecting garbage in the neighbourhoods for months.

Erciş Municipality has been run by a state-appointed trustee since on 22 October 2019. The trustee was imposed on the municipality, which had been won by the HDP, in a direct attack to the will of the people in many cities.

Dismissed HDP co-mayor Yıldız Çetin said that no respect for the environment and ecology can be expected from a mentality that does not respect human rights.

The people of Erciş had to enter the lake among piles of garbage throughout the year. At the public beach where families come, environmental pollution has reached its peak.

The playgrounds, which were put into the service when Erciş Municipality was governed by the HDP, fell into ruins due to neglect. Families have to bring their children to the parks among broken glasses and garbage.

Dismissed co-mayor Çetin said that since the trustees came into power in 2019, human rights, ecology and the environment were completely neglected.

Çetin added that the trustees never took the environment as their basis of their policies and never really worked for the people. “It would be wrong to expect respect for the environment, ecology and a good attitude from a government, system and mentality that does not respect human rights. It doesn't matter to the trustees what the people want or what the people demand. They don't care about human health, human rights or the environment.”

The HDP, which promotes participation of citizens in the decisions of the municipality, always sought support and suggestions by the people. Çetin said that they tried to implement and follow this line of inclusive government, albeit for a little time and added: “Erciş does not deserve such a situation. It is disrespectful to its people to turn such a beautiful city into ruins and to leave its beaches full of rubbish. But people should know that these days will end. Sooner or later the state will have to respect the will of the people. Our people will teach the government the same lesson they gave in 2019.”