Turkey continues to cut Euphrates River's water, affecting thousands living in Rojava

The policy of cutting off the water of the Euphrates River carried out by the Turkish state is affecting thousands of people living in Northern and Eastern Syria.

The Northern and Eastern Health Committee said that since the beginning of this year, they have recorded 6,879 people who have become ill due to the water cuts.

Kobanê Canton Health Committee spokesperson Elaedîn Keno Eto said that swamps were formed and the stagnating water was polluted.

Speaking to the Euphrates Regional Executive Council Communication Office, Keno Eto said that many diseases have recently spread in towns and villages near the river, which is the main source of drinking water and irrigation.

According to the data recorded by Eto, 6,879 people have been ill in the riverside regions of the Kobanê canton since the beginning of this year. Of these, 6,200 people fell ill in the Qenaya district and 679 people in the villages of Melîha, Xişxaş, Cada and Remala Sirin.

Eto underlined that diarrhoea, liver inflammation and skin allergies and diseases are spreading.

Patients are treated free of charge in 9 health centers affiliated to the Kobanê Canton Health Committee.