Turkish army starts forest fire in Cudi

Turkish bombardments started a huge fire in the forested area in Mount Cudi region.

Last night’s repeated bombardments by Turkish army’s Strategic Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (SIHA) started a wildfire in the area of Mount Cudi across Balveren (Gundikê Melê) town 10 km to Şırnak city centre.

A military operation has been launched in the region this morning and the woodland in the area has reduced to ashes.

Vineyards of the local people were greatly damaged by the fire which is spreading to a larger area every minute. The fire cannot be intervened.

Sounds of gunfire were heard from the operation zone in the morning hours.

Dozens of acres of land was damaged as a result of a recent fire in the very same area.

Military operations of the Turkish military result in wildfires that inflict a great damage on the nature of Kurdistan territory.