Esengül Demir: Let's stop the one-man regime with strong participation

HDK co-spokesperson Esengül Demir said that more than 8 million voters did not go to the polls and added they expect them to vote in the second round to get rid of fascism.

Peoples' Democratic Congress (HDK) co-Spokesperson Esengül Demir told ANF that 8 million voters did not go to the polls in the first round of the elections. Yet, results showed that half of society is in favor of change.

Demir stated that despite the polarization, marginalization and segregation created by the government in society, nearly 50 percent of the people's attitude is in favor of change. She said: "Despite all the manipulations in this election process, our people have shown their desire for a new Turkey, a new promising period for the younger generations, for different segments of society, for everyone. A period in which the core of this change will be laid for a new future."

Those who didn’t vote on 14 May should go on 28

Demir underlined that there was a high turnout on 14 May, but more than 8 million voters did not go to the polls. "Therefore, - she said - we expect those in society who have put such a barrier against fascism on 14 May, to completely stop fascism on Sunday. Our only wish is for the voters who did not go to the polls to go to and cast their vote and show the power to overthrow this one-man regime."