Free Women’s Movement: We won't surrender our hope, future and freedom to tyranny and fascism

The Free Women’s Movement called on women to go to the polls on 28 May.

The Free Women’s Movement (TJA) released a statement urging the public to participate actively in the second round of presidential elections on 28 May.

The TJA emphasised the significant role of Kurdish women in the global fight against fascism, stating, “The revolt against the longest-standing colony has today turned into a revolution of freedom against fascism all over the world, especially in Kurdistan and Turkey.”

Expressing their conviction that the organised power of women would once again dismantle the misogynistic regime, they declared: “We firmly believe that this organised power of women, their resistance traditions and determination to struggle will once again destroy this misogynist fascism.”

Their statement also stressed their responsibility to challenge the current government and strive for women’s freedom and social liberation, asserting, “We will not surrender our hope, future and freedom to tyranny and fascism.”

The TJA called upon all segments of society who desire democracy to join forces in rebuilding social liberation: “We call on all sectors of society who want democracy, to push into reverse on 28 May the fascism we forced to a stop on 14 May, and to rebuild social liberation.”