A new organisation for the Universities of North and East Syria

The Democratic Autonomous Administration considered education as one of the pillars of its model.

After the establishment of the Northern and Eastern Syria Democratic Autonomous Administration, all the institutions in the region have been restructuring within this framework. Important steps have been taken in the field of education.

The purpose of the conference

The first universities conference was organized in order to structure universities and academies in Northern and Eastern Syria according to common regulations as well as level the education system through common values. 

The Universities Conference was held in Qamishlo on 19 and 20 October with the slogan “Universities are the places where to reach social identity and truth”. A large number of intellectuals, students and academy administrators joined the conference as well as academics from the universities of Afrin, Kobanê and Rojava.

The discussions and debates addressed issues such as the development of the universities and the development of relations between universities in Northern and Eastern Syria and international universities.

The conference adopted the regulations of the Northern and Eastern Syrian Universities.
Mihemed Reshid, member of the Conference Preparation Committee, said that all the universities and academies will be organized under the roof of the Northern and Eastern Syrian Autonomous Administration Education Committee. Reshid said that together with the new system, organised and free students will be formed. 

Universities management

The universities to be established will be governed by the coordination and board of directors.
The University Council, which stands out as the most basic direction unit in the decision-making mechanism, will govern the university in a democratic way to include all peoples and beliefs.

The Council will consist of two student representatives, co-chairs and vice-chairs of the faculty and institute, internal university archives and representatives of institutions such as communication body.

The conference will be held every two years

The Conference of Northern and Eastern Syria Universities will be held every two years. Between conferences the university councils will make sure to implement the decisions taken at the conference and will work on the implementation of the program and the development of the system.

The Council will also follow the university and will present a report to the coordination body. The Council, which accepts the annual planning of universities, will also select a disciplinary council.

The Council will hold a meeting once a month in the organization phase. The monthly activity reports will be evaluated and the next month's planning will be held. The women within the Council will hold a unique all-women meeting once a month to prepare its separate plan.

The University General Coordination will be the subsequent direction stage. The Coordination will consist of the co-chairs of the university and co-chairs of faculties and academies.

Coordination decisions and plans to follow

The University General Coordination will meet once a week and follow the decisions and plans. The Coordination will also ensure the solution of problems in the university and ensure the development of education. The Coordination, which is also responsible for the elections of the Academy Council, will prepare training programs. The Coordination will also promote the relation between university faculties and will also organize all actions and activities within the university.

The University Board of Directors comes after the University Council and coordinates and manages the university. The Board of Directors consists of university’s co-chairs and their deputies. The Board organizes monthly and weekly meetings of the Council and Coordination and makes statements on behalf of the university.

The Board, which takes responsibility for the management of the University, follows the Coordination and Council decisions, and carries out the task of opening faculties and branches. The Board also approves the demands and reports of the Disciplinary Committee issued to teachers, students and university employees.


Each faculty is organized according to the new management system. The Faculty Board is responsible for all departments and offices within the faculty. The Faculty Board consists of the spokesperson, co-chairs and department representatives. Each faculty determines the number of students and their management according to need.

The faculty management, which acts according to the rules of the statute, organizes weekly meetings, conducts meetings with students, teachers and faculty managers and takes their opinions and suggestions. The Board also takes responsibility for the preparation of materials and the form of training.

Faculty Board of Directors, the faculty and faculty affiliated student affairs, archives, press, education offices respond to needs and make recommendations.

According to the new system, a program is put in front of each university to organize itself. Academic committee, education follow-up committee, student affairs, chairmanship, archive, press and finance offices will be established within the university.

Academy Board

Each university has an Academy Board consisting of expert instructors. This Board is responsible for the preparation of materials and the development of training. Academies also conduct scientific research.

Training Tracking Board

Each faculty will open an Education Tracking Board, to assess the quality of the materials, the development of the education system and the follow-up actions to be taken. 
Students works
Students works will be responsabile of registration and follow-up procedures. It will also provide and respond to students needs and requests.


Each faculty will have an archive office. There is also the general archive office of the university, which depends from the university management Council. The archive will record all students and teachers as well as the necessary information and will record the work of the universities. It will also archive every book, document, journal and paper that comes out of the university. 
Monthly reports are given to the university administration. 

Press Office

Will look after, publicise and follow all activities, statements and conferences made by the university and will inform the press about them. It will also manage the press organs of the university.

Finance Office

This office will make sure the salaries of all teachers and university employees are paid. It does all the work and expenses with the approval of the University Management Council. The Finance Office will provide each of its meetings with monthly reports.