Amadiya turns into Turkish MİT headquarters

The Turkish state has opened 5 MİT bases in the Amadiya town in Southern Kurdistan and has reportedly positioned heavy weapons in the area.

According to documents published on the Sunday edition of the newspaper Jiyan, the Turkish state, having increased invasion attacks in Southern Kurdistan, has turned the region into the headquarters of secret service MİT’s intelligence and espionage activity.

The newspaper said the Turkish intelligence agency MİT has opened 5 bases in the Amadiya town of Southern Kurdistan’s Duhok province.

The same article said heavy weapons have been positioned in said bases and that the air base is used to bomb guerrilla-controlled areas.


According to the documents, the MİT has opened bases in Amadiya as well as one in the Sire region of Sheladize, one in Kani Masiya and two in Gire Bardoz.

The newspaper wrote: “The MİT has turned the airport in Bamerne into an intelligence center. They have positioned tanks, mortars and cannons as well as armored vehicles and helicopters in the airport.”

The Turkish state’s UAVs and helicopters also take off from the Bamerne airport and carried out bombings.

PUK regional officer Hawar Amedi spoke to the paper about the matter and confirmed the MİT’s intelligence bases in the region: “Because of these bases, people in Amadiya can’t move about in peace or have their vacations.”


Amedi pointed out that the people of the region are uneasy because of the MİT bases: “The people have protested these bases, but neither the Kurdistan Regional Government or Iraqi officials have resolved the issue.”


The Turkish state’s military presence in Southern Kurdistan goes back decades especially through deals made with the KDP. The military and intelligence bases are no secret, but in recent years the Turkish state has fortified its presence in the region. Several areas in Southern Kurdistan are under a de facto invasion by the Turkish state.

The Turkish army presence in provinces like Duhok, Zakho, Hewler and Salahaddin goes back to July 12, 1991 to the “secure one” where they assumed responsibility to protect the multinational Hammer Force.

This process had started with 1300 Turkish soldiers stationed in “temporary” observatory outposts in towns like Bamerni, Sheladize and some others in Duhok. The Turkish bases became permanent in Southern Kurdistan after KDP Leader Masoud Barzani made a “verbal” deal with the Turkish state. In 1997, the Turkish army and the KDP signed an agreement that officialized the Turkish military presence in the region. Four military bases were opened in Kanimasi, Deralok and Sirsi to the northeast of Duhok as part of this agreement. In the time since, thousands of soldiers and intelligence officers as well as hundreds of armored vehicles were positioned in the bases.