Amed shopkeepers tells of difficulties amid economic crisis

Amed shopkeepers and tradesmen tell of the difficulties in meeting ends as economic crisis deepens.

In parallel with the deepening economic crisis in Turkey, the dollar and the euro continues to rise. For many shoppers the situation is so bad that they on the verge of closing their shops. Among the tradesmen and shopkeepers hit by the economic crisis are Amed’s one.

A tradesman named Harun Harma, who has been selling tea and toast for 7 years on the Melikahmet road, drew attention to the fact that living conditions are getting worse. He said that Turkey and Kurdistan are experiencing a major crisis and added that they are on the verge of collapse.

Emphasizing that they can’t meet ends despite the fact that 2 people work in his household, Harma said: "I start working at 5 in the morning and work until 7 in the evening, but I cannot bring 100 lira to my house. I sell tea and toast, but people cannot even drink a cup of tea on the street anymore."


Harma added: "Even big workplaces are now holding off on tea. If they do this, what should we do. Our situation is very bad. I cannot pay my electricity, water and loan bills. Moreover, I can’t even make enough to pay the rent of the house. I have an electricity debt of 70 thousand TL and I cannot pay it. I have been in this situation for 7 years. Electricity workers come and cut off our electricity, but I have to open it again."

I never seen such a crisis before

Mehmet Zeki Eren, who has been a tradesman in Sur for 36 years, said that he has not faced such a crisis until now. Stating that he was ashamed to tell the price of things to his customers because everything has increased, Eren said: "My shop cannot even pay its own expenses anymore. There is a deep crisis and people are miserable. We cannot pay our debts and we cannot buy new products because people are not shopping. I am in a lot of trouble and I do not know what to do. God help us. People are getting poorer day by day and this state does not extend a hand.”


Eren continued: “I ask for support to my neighbours or friends at the end of each month, but after a while I cannot pay back the money they lend me. As the dollar rises, tradesmen have difficulties. We buy the oil that we bought for 135 TL last year for 205 TL this year, but we still sell the desserts at the same price. The dollar went above 8 liras, the gold rose. Therefore, our bills also increased to 3-4 times. Last year, the electricity bill was 90-100 lira, this year it is 200-210 lira. Natural gas is the same. The water bill, which was 70 lira last year, is 200 lira this year. How many years we have been resisting but I don't know what we will do next. If it continues like this, I will be forced to close my shop."

People have no money

Another tradesman, Ali Demir, who said that they have been going through very difficult processes for about 2 years, emphasized that they are trying to survive despite the difficulties.

Noting that shopkeepers cannot sell anything because customers are having difficulties shopping, Demir pointed out that their business has become more difficult after the increase of the dollar.


Emphasizing that he cannot even pay the rent for the shop and house because there people are not shopping, Demir stated that he will have to close his shop if things continue like this.

Unemployment is very high

Stating that their economic situation worsened with the increase of foreign currency during the coronavirus process, tradesman Şehen Yıldız added that people used to meet their kitchen expenses for 20 lira, but now no one has money in their pocket.


Yıldız stated that people were also affected by the lack of money and said: "Unemployment is too high. Nobody comes to the market anymore. There is no economy in the country. Every day, the authorities go on TV and say the economy is very good. But we do this job and we know very well how the economy is. The reality is very different. Those who do not do this job cannot understand us."

They live in a palace but we cannot pay our rent

Hasan Dalgüllü, who has been a tradesman for 25 years, stated that he could not do business even though he was in the market from morning to evening. He said: "There is no income and our expenses are too much."


Dalgüllü added: "I took a loan from the bank, but I cannot pay it back now. Everything has been raised. I have no money and I do not know how to pay my loan back. The products I bought for 200 lira a few days ago are now 400 lira. We are in this situation because of the wrong policies of the state. These people leave in the palace but we cannot pay our house and shop rent here. In short, my situation is very bad."