Anti-terror police raid Karabük Prison

Karabük T Type Closed Prison, where 15 prisoners are arbitrarily denied release with the imposition of "remorse" despite the fact that their sentences are over, continues to be on the agenda with its torture methods.

The T Type Closed Prison in the northern Turkish region of Karabük was raided by Anti-Terror (TEM) police teams on June 14. It is reported that one prisoner was left in each ward during the raid and a search was conducted for 10 hours.

Prisoners' handwritings, Kurdish stories, magazines, books, directories and address notes of their families were confiscated. While the wards were turned upside down, the raid by TEM police officers once again revealed the arbitrary and systematic torture system implemented in prisons.

Prisoners with sentences of less than 30 years, who are denied release despite the completion of their sentences, are as follows:

- Mehmet Sarılatın

- Aydın Kudat

- Abdurrahman Güner

- Ali Koç Yıl

- Mustafa Karakaya (8 years)

- Ejder Doğan (12 years)

- Abdullah Ok (6 years) (3+3 postponement)

- Adem Oktay (12 years)

Prisoners who have already served 30 years and are denied release are as follows:

- Hakkı Aygün (16 September 2023)

- M. Şirin Taşdemir (17 September 2023)

- Kadri Akkoç (31 October 2023)

- Hasan Öğüt (26 January 2024)

- Ali Haydar Elyakut (14 June 2024)

- Muhuttin Pirinççioğlu (5 July 2024)

- Halil Temel (30 years)

Prisoners stated that enemy law is being applied against those who have served their sentences and are not released from prison. Appealing to the public opinion, the prisoners and their families called for an immediate end to these arbitrary practices, stating that they would start action in front of the prison if the unlawfulness continues.

The Execution and Review Committee was established by the AKP/MHP regime in 2021. Since then, political prisoners have been repeatedly denied release on the grounds of "lack of remorse" even after serving their prison sentences. This is a direct attack on the identity of the prisoners, as they are meant to be broken by the committee.