Attacks on Cem Evis

Interior Minister Süleyman Soylu personally planned and organized the recent attacks on Cem Evis (Cem Houses) in Ankara. The attacker is also his man. This attack will be used as an instrument get some Alevis on the side of the government.

Some Cem Evis in Ankara were attacked in the beginning of the Muharram Fast. A few days later, there was another attack in Istanbul. The person who attacked three Alevi Cem Evis in Ankara was captured in a short time. The government immediately condemned the attack and talked about unity and solidarity. Officials made speeches that would please Alevis. The timing of this attack, the arrest of the attacker and the official statements aroused suspicion immediately. Alevi institutions and democratic public opinion pointed out that this attack took place under conditions created by the AKP-MHP government's policies.

If we focus on the timing of this attack, we will understand why and how it happened. Recently, it has been reported that the government wants to take some dedes to Karbala. Moreover, some Alevi young people were taken to Hacı Bektaş. The AKP-MHP government has increased its activities to bring Alevis under the state control.

What is remarkable is that the person who remains active to handle this issue is the minister of criminal affairs, Süleyman Soylu. He ordered governors to visit Cem Evis during the Muharram before the latest attacks. Soylu seems to be tasked to deal with the Alevi policy. Undoubtedly, this policy is a policy of assimilating Alevis.

How will Süleyman Soylu, who is hostile to all democratic dynamics and forces, achieve this? This fascist mind will bring some Alevis closer to the state. He will intimidate and criminalize those who do not accept the state policy by using many ways and methods. By linking some Alevi institutions to certain organizations and states, they will try to intimidate and hold down those who oppose Alevi assimilation, oppression and crackdown. If we know this government and Süleyman Soylu, it is not a prophecy to predict that he will adopt these ways and methods.

Why have the AKP-MHP government and its minister of criminal affairs introduced such policies towards Alevis? One should also know this well. The AKP-MHP fascist government wants to shape Turkey in their own way. However, it considers those who struggle for democracy and freedom as an obstacle to implementing its plans. Alevis have always taken part in the struggle for democracy alongside the forces of democracy. Because they know that without democratization of Turkey, they will not obtain freedom of belief and maintain their existence. In the absence of democratization, Alevis cannot get rid of assimilation no matter what opportunities they have. At best, they will lose the essence of Alevism, which is a set of values ​​and a way of life. Real Alevis feel this danger very painfully. For this reason, more than ever, they consider democratization and the struggle for democracy as a matter of life and death.

The AKP-MHP government wants to keep Alevis apart from the struggle for democracy and act together with the democratic forces. Because their government is struggling for survival in the face of the struggle for democracy. For this reason, the AKP-MHP government which uses every means and methods to maintain power has decided to employ every means and methods to remove Alevis from the democratic struggle. In this direction, they designed a plan for Alevis in the dark corridors of Ankara and implemented it. Although Süleyman Soylu assumes the core responsibility for the implementation of this plan, Tayyip Erdoğan, Devlet Bahçeli and some special war chiefs have also approved it.

All the incidents and practices that have recently been reported are a requirement of this plan. These should not be seen as individual steps or practices. They have been introduced as part of an overall project. The attacks on some Cem Evis were also planned and put into effect in accordance with this concept. The attacks on the Cem Evis in Ankara were carried out as a requirement of this special war planning. In other words, it would be a mistake to see these attacks as the result of a climate of hate created by the AKP-MHP government's sectarian policies which are hostile to different beliefs and identities. Undoubtedly, previous attacks had such motives of hate. However, if we do not understand the latest attack in a correct way, we cannot understand the new assimilation policy towards Alevis, and Alevism will be subjected to more assimilation and genocide. If the attacks are not understood correctly, a proper struggle cannot be carried out.

Süleyman Soylu personally planned and organized these attacks. The person chosen for the attacks is also his man. He is a person controlled by government officials. The attacker has probably carried out the attacks voluntarily. He knows the purpose of his action. This person must have been informed in advance that he would be caught after the action, how he would give a statement and how the process would later develop. In short, this attack will be used as an instrument get some Alevis on their side.

The original plan was something like this: There will be an attack, then the attacker will be caught, the government will say that it condemns such attacks, and will promote itself as a government that embraces Alevis. Thus, a fragmentation will be created among Alevis who are against the AKP government. This fragmentation will be further deepened gradually. Thus, some anti-government Alevis will be removed from the struggle for democracy. Undoubtedly, if some Alevis decide to get closer to the government, they will be subjected to assimilation and faith genocide.

Alevis is a religious community with a population of 25-30 million. The fact that most of them promote the struggle for democracy is regarded as a great danger to anti-democracy forces. Since the government is struggling for its survival, the current stance of Alevis poses a threat to the government. In this sense, keeping millions of people apart from the forces of democracy has become an important objective of the government. In this respect, they consider it very important to influence a religious group, even if they are only a few million people.

This government which could not win Alevis in any way planned an attack and then condemned it in order to win them. The government thought that some Alevis may be tricked by this plan. After the attacks, Erdoğan went to a Cem Evi participating in a religious ceremony. Based on these facts, it is very important to understand how recent attacks were carried out. If we think that some fanatics carried out the attacks only as a result of the policies of the AKP-MHP government, we would be deceived by the government's game. The government officials also consider these attacks as a provocation by blaming some leftist circles.

Alevis should see that a plan has been introduced to influence them. They will come up with new plans against Alevis. A different version of the classical carrot-stick policy will be applied to Alevis. More precisely, it has already been put into practice. Therefore, Alevis should consider every incident and attack against Alevis and smear campaigns against Alevi institutions and prominent figures as part of this concept and a comprehensive plan.