Autonomous Administration: We won’t accept impositions

The Autonomous Administration of North and East Syria Spokesperson said the Turkish state’s “safe zone” is exemplified in Afrin. Ehme said the US has acted as a mediator between them and Turkey and added that they won’t accept Turkey’s impositions.

The Turkish state continues to try to invade North and East Syria under the guise of a “safe zone”. A military delegation from the US met with Turkish officials on August 5 and 6 to discuss details.

Turkey wants to have a 30 to 35 km deep region along 460 km, from the Euphrates river to the border with South Kurdistan, and they want to have full control of the region.

The Autonomous Administration of North and East Syria proposed a 5 km deep area that doesn’t include towns and is overseen by the international coalition, and said they won’t accept Turkey settling in the region.

Washington Post ran an article on the first day of the meetings with the US delegation in Ankara and said the delegation made a new proposal for the Turkish state, namely a 140 km long, 15 km deep new “safe zone” from Gire Spi to Serekaniye.

Before yesterday’s round of Turkey looking for approval for their invasion started, US Secretary of Defense Mark Esper said they won’t accept a one-sided step from Turkey and that they would prevent such a move.

After Esper’s comments, Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan said, “We will soon take the process we started with the Olive Branch and Euphrates Shield operations to a whole new level very soon, Allah willing.” AKP Spokesperson Omer Celik said, “Turkey has the strength and capacity to take its own steps without a doubt.”

Russian media claim that the Turkish state is preparing to launch an attack against the region after the Eid. Meanwhile in the region, Russia is one of the powers behind the invasion threats against North and East Syria.


Autonomous Administration of North and East Syria Spokesperson Loqman Ehme spoke to the ANF about the latest developments and said Turkish state threats are nothing new, and that the example of the safe zone Turkey would build can be seen in Afrin, where hundreds of thousands of people have been displaced, their property looted, gang groups settled in and regional demographics changed. “The whole world saw this,” said Ehme.

Loqman Ehme said their region is not a threat to Turkey in any way, but Turkey is looking for an excuse to invade: “All countries who fought with us against ISIS must see this and take a stand.”


Loqman Ehme said there are 3 conditions for any place to be considered a “safe zone”: “It must be governed by the region’s own people, execution must be local and migrated persons must return to re-build their life. Our territory fulfills all three conditions. Our zones are safe zones.”

Ehme said international law stipulates that an area can be designated a “safe zone” to protect the land from military forces of neighboring countries and other powers and continued: “In that, the regional and defense forces that have lower numbers or less technological advantage need to be protected. We pose no threat to Turkey, so that is what we mean when we say safe zone.”


Ehme said the condition for Turkey acting together with the Coalition in the safe zone is that they end the invasion, pillaging and tyranny in Afrin. “We won’t accept impositions,” said Ehme and continued: “This is in the draft we proposed. The US acts as a mediator here. Turkey continues to meet with us. Recently James Jeffrey also said that they won’t impose anything the North and East Syrian Administration won’t accept.”


Loqman Ehme said US Secretary of Defense Esper’s statement yesterday was positive: “This is a positive development but they could have taken such a clear stance earlier too.”


The spokesperson said the ISIS threat is not over, and that Turkey’s connection to the gangs is known. Ehme said any possible attack could allow ISIS members and their families held in prisons and camps to escape and pose a threat against the whole world: “One of Turkey’s goals with this attack is to revive ISIS. An attack could lead to prison breaks.”


Loqman Ehme spoke about Turkey’s claim that they will settle Syrian refugees in the safe zone: “We as the Autonomous Administration call on all Syrians outside the country to come back to their lands. We recently called for persons who migrated from our area due to ISIS attacks or other such reasons to return to their lands. When they do, we as the Autonomous Administration of North and East Syria are prepared to offer any and all kinds of support.”