Black scenario for South Kurdistan

Political analyst Niyaz Hamid, from South Kurdistan, said that what was lived in Zini Werte, is Turkey's joint plan with the KDP. He claimed that this plan also covers Mosul and Kirkuk.

The KDP (Kurdistan Democratic Party) has sent forces to Zînî Wertê on behalf of the government without informing the PUK (Patriotic Union of Kurdistan) and Gorran (Change Movement). This move is causing tension among Kurdish forces.

Speaking two days ago, Helgord force commander Lîwa Behram Erîf Yasîn of KDP denied all the government's statements and stated that this was a long-term plan and that the forces they sent would remain there for security reasons.

According to political analyst Niyaz Hamid, what Yasîn said amounts to a confession. Hamid said that what is being experienced in Zînî Wertê is not new and reminded that in fact Masrour Barzani visited Turkey and stipulated an agreementin February.

Noting that the deployment of forces to Zînî Wertê happened at the same time of the bombing of the guerrilla forces and Maxmur Camp by Turkish fighter jets, Hamid added that all these were part of the stipulated agreement. 

Hamid suggested that Erdogan had indeed told the KDP that they cannot hold power without Turkey's support and therefore are obliged to do what Ankara tells them.

According to Hamid, all the institutions of the KDP have been seized by Turkish intelligence. Claiming that the KDP is now too weak to do anything independent of the Turkish state, Hamid said: "600 to 700 thousand barrels of oil are sent to the Turkish state daily from South Kurdistan.

The KDP has to give it to Erdogan and his family on a daily basis and cannot do anything about it. In fact, there is no such thing left as the KDP. Perhaps there is a small group saying that they are trying to protect themselves, but there is no such thing as a party. Passed in the hands of Turkey, the KDP has nothing more to do with Kurdishness and Iraq."

In its current form, Hamid accused the KDP of being the Turkish state's protector but in a very different way from the guards in North Kurdistan (Bakur). "The guards in Bakur receive a salary in return for the village control they carry out. The village guards of the KDP are the opposite, that is, they pay money to do their task. This is the odd and bad thing that KDP is doing to stay in power."

Hamid recalled that the "Kurdistan Regional Government is legitimate, guaranteed by the Iraqi Constitution, however it has now been confiscated by the KDP which is giving authorization to Turkey to carry out bombing and invasion."

Noting that this plan between the Turkish state and the KDP also includes Mosul and Kirkuk, Hamid said: "Turkey is, on the one hand, attacking the Kurdish Freedom Movement and guerrillas in Bradost, Qandil and other regions pursuing its plans to occupy these regions, and on the other hand it is activating the other part of the plan with the KDP over Mosul and Kirkuk."

Hamid ended his remarks by saying: "PUK and Gorran know better than anyone else that they have no roles and powers within the government and that they are there for decoration purposes. That's why the existing government and parliament are formal."