Desperate, they start building a wall

As all policies the AKP has enacted in Kurdistan have failed, the wall policy will produce no results, and the AKP regime will crumble beneath this wall and be buried in history.

When the AKP came to power, they set off with a slogan of a “New Turkey”, to become a model country in the Middle East and the world. So where are they at now? They promised “zero issues with neighbours” and to solve the Kurdish issue within Turkey, as well as prosperity, peace and a bright future for all.

Of course this is a very extensive topic, and I won’t be handling it in depth. Will the system the AKP has dreamed of for so long and has worked for so long to get off the ground stand? One can’t help but think of the promises the AKP made: Will the system they tricked people into supporting with promises of peace and prosperity last after they turned it into an open prison?

The government that has enacted the most ruthless policies in Kurdistan in the history of Turkey has been the AKP government. This is mentioned a lot, but as the truth of it is proven every day, it might as well be repeated hundreds of times more. The AKP government and the Turkish state have been waging a ruthless war against the Kurdistan Freedom Struggle for the last two years. They call this a second independence war for themselves, and that is how the conceptualization of the war has been to date.

In the political arena, they have conquered politicians, journalists and intellectuals, so everybody and all the institutions in short, once again. If that wasn’t enough, they destroyed and pillaged many cities in Kurdistan. And if that wasn’t enough, they wanted to achieve their dirty goals through turning Kurdish children into spies in Kurdistan. So much so that they made Kurdish children wear t-shirts with the Turkish flag on it.

There are societal groups opposing these policies by the AKP, but the one with the most radical stance and the most decisive resistance has been the Kurdistan freedom movement. The public wasn’t widely aware of it - the special war media made sure to ring up a ruckus at all times to hide this, mind you - we don’t really see the Kurdish Freedom Movement buckle and give in so much.

The wall between Turkey and Western Kurdistan (Rojava/Syrian Kurdistan) is going to be the third longest wall in the world once it’s completed. A wall made up of concrete blocks is put up along the 911 kilometer long Syrian border. Ditches are dug in front of the wall and watch towers are put up.

Meanwhile, the ditches and walls combination is being built between the Southern Kurdistan and Northern Kurdistan along Cizre and Silopi as well. Outside of this region, the mountainous terrain doesn’t allow for border walls, so there will be more control with armored mechanized units stationed on top of prominent hills on the Southern Kurdistan border. With this, they are planning to hold 18 prominent hills under control. They believe they will defend themselves this way.

They are building another wall, some 144 kilometers long, on the Iranian border. They are planning on controlling Kurdistan by dividing it with walls from end to end.

Because the existing prisons are not enough for them, they are turning Turkey itself into an open prison. How much can the walls the war government of AKP and MHP builds protect the AKP state? Of course these walls won’t be able to protect them. Because the AKP government doesn’t stand a chance against a force that has been waging a war for freedom in the Middle East for the last 40 years, and these practices only work to fuel the Kurds’ rage further.

The true question is: How come they build walls against a force that the AKP media says has been defeated daily? They must have been left with no solution in the face of the guerrilla in Doğubeyazıt, Ağrı and in Çaldıran, Van, so they resort to such policies. When one reads the AKP’s special war media backwards, one can easily draw these conclusions. Because they published statement upon statement that they cleared the Ağrı-Van line, there are zero guerrilla unit left there, but the scene we have in front of us shows that the true situation is just the opposite.

As all policies the AKP has enacted in Kurdistan have failed, the wall policy will produce no results, and the AKP regime will crumble beneath this wall and be buried in history.

In a statement a couple of days ago, Recep Tayyip Erdoğan said the soldiers and police march towards martyrdom hand in hand - even this statement is a confession of defeat in the face of the Kurdistan guerrilla. Thus, the AKP has resorted to wall policies because they have lost the war they waged against the Kurdistan guerrilla. We will see all together that these policies won’t amount to anything either.