'Dialogue with Abdullah Öcalan' events in many countries

'Dialogue with Abdullah Öcalan' events were held in many European countries, discussing the life, isolation conditions and ideas of Kurdish People's Leader Abdullah Öcalan.

On 15 June in Marseille, France, Collectif Internationalists Marseille Kurdistan responded to the call from the Freedom for Abdullah Öcalan Campaign Committee for participation in the Global Days of Events from 15 to 22 June 2024, "Dialogue with Öcalan – you can’t imprison ideas!"

The organisation invited the Democratic Modernity Academy and Tsedek (member of Collectif Juif-Decolonial and Group Jineoloji- Provence) to a discussion on "What are the self-determination strategies of the Middle Eastern peoples in the face of nation states?". Revolutionary practices based on women's liberation, Democratic Nation and Democratic Confederalism were discussed. The event ended with a concert organised by the Marseille committee of the Kurdish cultural movement TEV-ÇAND.

The ideas of Abdullah Öcalan discussed with Italian peasants

In the courtyard of a former rectory in a village in the Varaita Valley of Italy, a meeting was held on the concrete feasibility of democratic confederalism in mountainous and peasant areas. The meeting was attended by peasants, small farmers, families, seasonal workers and students. After the discussion, the participants gathered for a joint dinner to share their impressions and reflections.

Catalonia: The ideas of Abdullah Öcalan cannot be imprisoned

An event was held in Lleida, Catalonia at 18.30 on 17 June on the 25th anniversary of Kurdish People's Leader Abdullah Öcalan's imprisonment on Imrali Island. The group "Ponent amb Kurdistan", active in support of Kurdistan since 2018, staged the reading theatre "The cell without a night", based on the works of the Basque playwright, at the Ateneu de Ponent Meeting Hall in Lleida. The event represents an approach to the reality of Abdullah Öcalan's idea that "Ideas cannot be imprisoned". After the well-attended performance, a dialogue took place with the audience.

Dialogue panel in Girona

On 15 June, the 'Grup de suport a la lucha del Kurdistan' and the 'Ateneu Salvadora Catà' invited members of the 'CUP Farners', the 'CUP Palamós', the CGT and various other groups to a panel discussion "Dialogue with Abdullah Öcalan" at the 'Ateneu Salvadora Catà' in Girona, Catalonia. The ideas and philosophy of Abdullah Öcalan, the concepts of state-centred civilisation and democratic civilisation, democratic nation and confederalism were discussed.