Erdogan fascism has no future

How will Damascus reconcile with Erdogan at a time when Syria is under occupation, an alternative army is raised in the occupied areas and Idlib remains a hub for rebels? Is it normal to intervene in another country under these conditions?

As Turkish attacks continued, Turkey launched large-scale attacks on guerrilla areas such as Zap and Metîna. They couldn't beat the guerrilla positions they've been attacking for months. Winter is coming. Time is not on their side. Erdogan's fascism is losing at home and abroad. The election is approaching. Erdogan needs a victory. Moreover, Erdogan wants to end the resistance of the Kurds on the 100th anniversary of the republic and become the second Atatürk. Those in power before Erdogan have not been able to defeat the PKK and the Kurds for the last forty years. He wants to be the one to defeat the Kurds.

Erdogan has also increased his attacks in Syria. He was planning to become the caliph in the Middle East through his ally, the Muslim Brotherhood organization. He took advantage of the "Arab Spring" to do so. Governments were falling and the crisis was deepening. He intervened in the Syrian civil war under such circumstances. His priority was to avoid a political status for the Kurds. He thought that Assad would not be able to maintain his administration like Gaddafi and Hosni Mubarak. When the Brotherhood was to come to power, Syria would come under the control of Erdogan's fascism. With this in mind, he pushed Syria into a bloody civil war.

Erdogan dealt a heavy blow to Syria and continues to do so. He has recently focused on Rojava. ‘We will smash the Kurdish corridor and take control of areas from Afrin to Derik at a depth of 30 km,’ he keeps saying. The essence of this plan is a genocide of the Kurdish people in Syria. The Kurdish settlements are located along these borders. He will replace the Kurdish population with his mercenaries, their families, and his henchmen. At the same time, he will recruit military forces from the areas under his control and raise alternative armies against the Damascus administration. He has already done so to a large extent.


Erdogan and Bahceli fascism is now targeting Rojava. If they cannot gain victory or if they have difficulties in regions such as Zap and Metina, they press against Rojava. When it comes to the war against the Kurds, the opposition allies with the government. All parties, including the main opposition CHP, are lining up behind Erdogan's fascism in the Kurdish war. The Kurds are just “a gift from God” to Erdogan.

Rojava is like a fish bone stuck in their throat. Because the peoples of North and East Syria resisted and survived the Turkish attacks. They are currently preparing against new invasion and Turkish attacks, and they say they will fight to the end. The Autonomous Administration, as an example of democratic administration, gives confidence and hope to the people. The bully Erdogan is fixated on destroying all that is good and beautiful.


Erdogan has a very bad reputation in Syria, where he resorted to genocide and war crimes. He protects all barbarian groups, including al-Nusra and ISIS, in the areas he has occupied. He created a safe zone for them. He openly orders these groups to attack the local people. Other powers, including Russia and the US, have paved the way for Turkish aggression, and they are turning a blind eye to its attacks. Based on their own interests, they created an environment for murderers and invaders like Erdogan to cause such destruction and continue the occupation of Syria.

Despite all these evil plans, Erdogan could not get the outcome he sought. Now he is Putin’s puppet, trying to get his approval for a new invasion attack on Syria. Syria is not like Iraq. In Iraq, the KDP is a partner to the Turkish occupation. The US and NATO supported and approved the Turkish attack on the guerrilla forces. Therefore, Erdogan does not need to get approval from anywhere. Powers like Russia and China are also indifferent to the massacre and destruction of the Kurds. Their news outlets do not even cover the Turkish attacks.

Now, at Putin's request, Erdogan is seeking to eliminate Rojava and the autonomous governments in partnership with the Assad administration. “We agreed with Putin, we will act together to remove the terrorists, we will be in coordination,” Erdogan says. His main concern is to eliminate the Kurds. According to Erdogan, al-Nusra and other mercenary groups are not terrorists. By terrorism, he does not mean them. He never talks about them.


How will Damascus reconcile with Erdogan at a time when Syria is under occupation, an alternative army is raised in the occupied areas and Idlib remains a hub for rebels? Also, Erdogan said, “I am declaring to the world: The border lines from Afrin to Derik are my security zone at a depth of 30 km”. Is it normal to intervene in another country under these conditions? Will the Syrian government accept this? Currently, the world wants the war in Syria to end. Nothing more can be done through war policies. There is no power other than Turkey that seeks an opportunity for wars and attacks.

It is obvious that after the meeting with Putin, Turkey increased its attacks. Russia should no longer let Turkey be a thorn in the side of the Syrian people. The peoples of Syria should also take a more effective and organized stance against these schemes. The peoples of North and East Syria should not give up their achievements. They created a democratic and free environment and paid a price to do so. If they maintain their unity and resist, these schemes will be frustrated. Erdogan's fascism has no future. All circles should do their best to get rid of this source of evil.