Father of martyr in the front with 4 sons

Hikmet Silêman Hemo (60) has been in the YPG since the start of the revolution. Hemo’s four sons are in the YPG as well, and he is also a father of a martyr.

Silêman Hemo (60) has been in the YPG with his 4 sons for the last 6 years. He has participated in all operations in Rojava and Northern Syria. He fights, he drives the fuel trucks, he cooks... What is important to him is to serve his people and his country.

He is almost the oldest fighter in the front. All young fighters in the front call him Xalo. Xalê Hikmet never stands still in the front, he is always working. One of his sons was martyred in the Manbij operation. Another one of his sons was wounded in the Deir ez-Zor operation, and is now under treatment in the Qamishlo Hospital. One of his sons continues to fight in the front lines of Deir ez-Zor. Two more of his sons are SDF fighters and are on duty elsewhere.


Xalê Hikmet said: “Now I drive a truck that takes fuel to the fronts. I will do any job, I will go anywhere. What is important to me is to serve. I go up to the front lines, I drop off whatever they need and come back.

Me and my four sons joined the ranks of the revolution. One of them was martyred in the Manbij operation. Me and one of my sons are in the YPG. Two of my sons are in the SDF.

I participated in almost all operations. And now I’m in Deir ez-Zor. Everybody talks about how advanced my age is. If we as the elderly and the experienced don’t do something and leave it all to the youth, how can things get done?”


Xebat Qamishlo is 50 years old, and is Xalê Hikmet’s best friend. He has been in the YPG for 5 years. He has participated in most operations. He said: “Starting from Qamishlo, we participated in all the operations and went to all the fronts. Wherever it is, we go. We have come to Deir ez-Zor for the second time. We are advancing every day towards success and we are breaking the gangs. If it continues like this, we will go to Afrin after Deir ez-Zor.”


Xalê Hikmet spoke again: “We broke the will of the gangs. The Turkish state saw that, and that is why they are attacking Afrin today. They should know that they can never defeat us. They can never break the strength of the Kurds.”

His friend Xebat Qamishlo joined in to conclude: “Erdoğan needs to be broken. Erdoğan shouldn’t think he can handle us. We know that we will prevail.”