Ferzende Abi and his song for the martyrs of the 14 July Great Death Fast Resistance

Ferzende Abi, 66, commemorated the martyrs of the 14 July Great Death Fast Resistance, who made him join the Kurdistan Freedom Struggle, with a song he wrote and sang.

Influenced by the Great Death Fast Resistance carried out in Diyarbakır prison on 14 July 1982 for two months, 66-year-old Ferzende Abi, who has been actively involved in the Kurdish Freedom Struggle since 1985, has written and spoken about the July 14 resistance which he commemorated with the song.

The 14 July Great Death Fast Resistance, which ended in victory with the martyrdom of PKK Central Committee members Mehmet Hayri Durmuş, Kemal Pir, Akif Yılmaz and Ali Çiçek 38 years ago, was a continuation and culmination of the actions carried out by Mazlum Doğan, Ferhat Kurtay and their friends. These actions were written in the history of the PKK and Kurdistan as the 'Great Dungeon Resistance' and the '14 July Great Death Fast Resistance'. Thousands of people, affected by these actions, joined the ranks of the PKK. The resistance has also been the subject of many books, poems and songs.

Ferzende Abi took active part in the Kurdish Freedom Movement, which he joined as a patriot in the founding of the PKK, since 1985, under the influence of the 14 July resistance. Father of 8 children, Ferzende Abi was arrested 12 times and was tortured for 230 days. He stayed in Palestine for 25 days in 1996, during which time he suffered various problems due to the torture he was subjected to in prison.

Abi, who later suffered from bladder cancer, went to Europe for treatment in 2017. While being treated there, Abi continued his work in the Kurdish Freedom Struggle. He wrote and sang a very important song on the "14 July Great Death Fast Resistance" in Diyarbakır prison.

Evin, one of his two daughters who joined the PKK, fell a martyr in 1995. His other daughter, Viyan, has been fighting for the PKK since 2004.