Former Parastin member: The forces deployed to guerrilla areas are affiliated to the KDP

Şêrwan Seid Yusuf Heci, a former member of Parastin, said that the forces deployed to the guerrilla areas under the name of Border Guard Units are not Iraqi forces, but forces affiliated to the KDP and their purpose is to fight the PKK.

In recent days, the echoes of the military dispatch made by the KDP, the ruling party in southern Kurdistan (northern Iraq) on behalf of the Iraqi Border Guard Units to the guerrilla areas continue. Although KDP-affiliated media outlets and some circles of the Turkish press say that this is an attempt on behalf of Iraq, Şêrwan Seid Yusuf Heci, a former member of Parastin (KDP intelligence service), told ANF that there is no force in the name of Iraqi Border Guard Units, and that the forces going there are all KDP-affiliated forces.

KDP's new plan also exposed

While such developments are taking place as a result of the KDP's policies with the Turkish state, this situation is also causing great discomfort among the people of the region. The main reason for the discontent of the people of South Kurdistan with the KDP for years is the policies it has developed together with the Turkish state against the Kurdistan Freedom Struggle. This attitude of the KDP, which is embodied as a "line of betrayal" in South Kurdistan, has been exposed once again with the developments in Dohuk and Shêladizê.

'The force going to Shêladizê is affiliated to the KDP'

In the images and photographs shared, it was revealed that the forces going to the guerrilla areas consisted of Gulan, Parastin and Zerevani forces loyal to Masrour Barzani. The KDP media has been trying to turn this situation upside down for days. However, Shêrwan Seid Yusuf Heci, a former member of the KDP’s intelligence service Parastin, reached by ANF, stated that none of the members of the force sent to the guerrilla areas on behalf of the Iraqi Border Guard Units and introduced in the press as such were affiliated with the Iraqi army. Stating that no Iraqi force can come to South Kurdistan under different names, Heci said: "Whether it is the Iraqi Border Guard Units or any other name. All those who went to Duhok, Hewlêr and Shêladizê are Masoud Barzani's Peshmerga. No Arab force accepts to be included in the Kurdistan region after Kirkuk and Mosul. It is not an Iraqi force. It is true that their money, their needs and everything are provided by the Iraqi central government. But it is not an Iraqi force. They act only with the decision of Masoud Barzani, not with the decision of Iraq. They are KDP forces.”

'The purpose of this force is to position itself against the PKK'

Referring to the main purpose of the force that was dispatched to the region on behalf of the Iraqi Border Guard Units, Haji said, "The purpose of this force going there is to fight the PKK. It is intended to go on behalf of Iraq and settle there. The PKK is a patriotic movement. A fundamental decision of the PKK is not to fight against any Kurdish power. It has always shown this. I have witnessed this in many ways. When the KDP attacked their areas, the PKK did not use weapons against them so that such a situation would not happen. They can also fight against the KDP, they have this power and situation. But they are fighting for their people. And they always take this situation into consideration."