Former peshmergas: We must unite, not fight each other

Former peshmerga Lezgin Yündan, and Bedel Bingöl from the village of Jiyanîş in Çukurca said: "When there is an attack on Kurdistan, every patriotic Kurd must defend his lands. It is time for unity among Kurds, not war."

Reactions to the invasion attacks carried out by the Turkish state and the cooperation of the KDP with the invaders are increasing in Kurdistan. Many peshmerga commanders and Dêrin peshmergas in South Kurdistan reject the idea of a war among Kurds.

Former peshmergas Lezgin Yündan, (70) and Bedel Bingöl (73) from the village of Jiyanîş in Çukurca, Hakkari, fought against the Saddam's regime for five years in South Kurdistan. The peshmergas, who said that the way to liberation of the Kurdish people is through unity, called on Kurdish parties and organizations not to fall prey to the invaders.

Former peshmerga Lezgin Yündan, said that he crossed the border from the village of Jiyanîş to help his Southern brothers at the most critical times and joined the KDP peshmergas to fight against Saddam's regime. Stating that about 70 people from the village had crossed to the South at that time, Yündan, added: "Our people in the South were being massacred and there was great pressure against Kurds. We gathered many people from the village and decided to respond to the cry for help of our people. We took our weapons and ammunition with us when we went. The number of peshmergas at the time was also very small and each and every one of the Southern people had gone somewhere. Later, most of the people took up arms and became KDP peshmerga. We fought against the regime in many parts of the South.”

Emphasizing that he had been peshmerga within the KDP for years, Yündan added: "For years, we have been peshmerga in the rocks and mountains for the KDP. Now the KDP has turned its weapons on our children. Is that fine? We crossed the border and serve the KDP when they were in trouble. We left our children and our homes for the sake of our duty. Is this war against our children? I do not accept this as an old peshmerga, and every patriotic Kurdish should oppose a war between Kurds.

If we do not unite as Kurds, our people and our children in prison will not be able to get out. Statements such as 'I am a Kurd but I just mind my own business' are wrong. More than ever, we must fight. Everyone should do whatever they can to protect our values. God loves unity. If we come together, God will help us. I call on all parties and Kurds, especially the KDP, to work for unity and to become a single voice against the occupation."

We must unite, not fight against each other

Former peshmerga Bedel Bingöl said that he crossed the border to defend South Kurdistan's gains in 1982 and joined the peshmerga ranks. Stating that he was fighting for the lands of Kurdistan, Bingöl added: “I served in South and East Kurdistan for 9 years. On the one hand, I was on the front lines of war, and on the other, I was coming to the North to meet the needs for life and ammunition. When there is an attack on Kurdistan, every patriotic Kurd must take his place to defend these lands. In 1982, I took my place among the peshmergas. But now the peshmerga forces loyal to Masoud Barzani are sent to the guerrilla areas to actually attack the guerrilla. As a former peshmerga, I condemn these actions. We must stop this tension between the Kurds as soon as possible and work for national unity."