Gejwer Aydın: Mothers will do whatever for their children fasting

One of the prisoners on hunger strike against the isolation regime implemented in Imralı is Mizar Aydın. He is in Tekirdağ F Type Closed Prison and has been on hunger strike for 49 days.

Gejwer Aydın, mother of the prisoner on hunger strike Mizar Aydın, said: “Their action is for the leadership, for the people. I'm ready to do what a mother should do wherever is needed. Together we can make a bigger noise.”

The third of 9 children, Mizar Aydın was born in Baskale, Van, and spent most of his childhood in Adana. 

Kejwer Aydın said that her family financial situation was not very good, but she is not complaining. They were one of the thousands of Kurdish families who have come living in Adana because of the state pressure. 

Working family

Kejwer Aydın said that all of her children started to work at a young age, and that the whole family earned their living together as collectors in the gardens.

“We could not raise our voice out of necessity. Although Mizar did not question much as a child, he began to question as he started to long for his country. He was also angry when we told him that we had to move here. Maybe this also increased his determination to struggle.”

Mizar Aydın’s mother recalled that her son when he was younger was sending money to prison. “One day - she said - when he came to visit me, I asked him,  ‘son, what do you do with the money you earn as you are not giving it home?’ He said, ‘mother, how could I support the prison if I give you the money I earn at work? The friends in prison have neither food nor drink.’ He was so attached to the cause and his friends.”

Call to the authorities: Listen to our voice

Kejwer Aydın added: “My son was involved in all kinds of work. Party, youth work; constantly engaged in the service and struggle for the public. He was detained and put in prison. My son was taken away while on business. He was working in a factory, and one day they came and arrested him while he was working. Now he's on hunger strike. Their action is for the leadership, for the people. I'm ready to do whatever my role as mother involves and wherever is needed. All mothers are ready, we know that. All prisoners’ families are ready.”

Mizar Aydın’s mother called on the authorities: “Let’s take action, they should listen to our voice. We should come together and raise our voice. If we act together, our voice will be stronger.”