Gwadar, a city of contradictions and global warfare - by the Internationalist Commune of Rojava

The Internationalist Commune of Rojava wrote an article on Gwadar, a city of contradictions and global warfare.

Gwadar – a city of contradictions and global warfare is the title of a new article published by the Internationalist Commune of Rojava. 

Gwadar is a city in Balochistan where the forces of capitalist modernity want to empty the land to sell it. The people are waging a broad struggle against colonial exploitation. The full article can be read here

The article incipit is as follows: "For imperialist forces, neither land, nor nature, nor villages or towns are of any matter. Why should they in the first place? The rules of capitalist modernity are the ones of profit and exploitation and, of course, they will act according to them. There is little meaning in trying to change the minds of those who are the agents of this system. As everyone lives with a moral and a culture, they do as well.

For people, societies, their land, their homes, their villages and towns mean everything, for these are the places where they live, love, grief, create and pass away. This is what connects all people, this is the culture every society lives out. The love to their own homeland puts society in natural opposition to Capitalist Modernity. They try to live and preserve while Capitalism tries to destroy and steal. Wherever society is strongly connected to its homeland, has not been corrupted, there will be resistance. There they will insist on their life."