Hasan Cudi: Turkey wants to change demography in South Kurdistan with its immigration policy

Author, journalist and political observer Hasan Cudi told ANF about the situation of Kurdish refugees on the Belarusian border and about the change in the demographic structure of Kurdistan.

Stating that the power system in Southern Kurdistan has overcome the crisis, Cudi emphasized that the situation has become dire. “This situation also affects the economic system, power and society. Society is confronted with chaos, while the system may be closing its eyes to disasters. That's why the society has chosen to migrate, because immigration is also an attitude. The government has ruined the administrative and economic system in the last three years, social relations have rotted, and the once distinctive Kurdish character has been destroyed. For 45 years, this government has allowed the military bases of the Turkish state into the territory of South Kurdistan and imprisoned hundreds of innocent activists and journalists. Undoubtedly, the society is also reacting against this persecution. The participation rate in the elections remained at 18 percent, and more than half of those who vote did not vote for the government. As can be seen in the example of previous elections and referendums, the turnout rate was 35 percent. It means that half of those people did not vote at the last elections. And this is a reaction to this system."

'Change the demography of Kurdistan'

Cudi said that there is a policy to change the demographic structure and that Turkey is working to achieve this. “Forcing young people to migrate and changing the demographic structure are methods implemented in a systematic way. With the support of several powers in the region, Turkey wants to force young people out and to replace Kurds with Sunni Arabs. For this purpose, Turkey establishes networks of agents and smugglers and sends young people to Europe in waves."

'Refugees are patriotic people'

As to the claim that migrants are people who have strayed from patriotism, Hasan Cudi said that Southern society is patriotic, and young people who migrate are also patriotic. "It is very wrong to say that those who emigrate are 'not patriotic'. The reality is that 95 percent of the South Kurdistan society is uncomfortable with the Southern government. The current government is a cruel, reactionary and unjust group of people that is at the service of the occupiers. There is no doubt that people who did not accept living under occupation decide to migrate. It would have been better if they had stayed in their homeland and fought against the government."

Cudi added: "There is a tragedy in general in South Kurdistan. The Southern government is busy trying to create a narrative to convince people that they will find a solution to this situation, but the speeches of the authorities are not worth a penny. Nobody believes them."

'The EU and US are responsible for Kurdish immigration'

Drawing attention to the role of western states in Kurdish migration, Cudi said: "European states, which have been supporting the government in South Kurdistan for 30 years and have remained silent against the oppression against the people, are also parties to the immigration policy. The European Union is guilty, so it should now question itself. As long as America and Europe support the existing power in South Kurdistan, the immigration problem will continue. Because the people do not want to live under a tyrannical government. Western countries should not ignore the violations carried out by the South Kurdistan government."

Belarus uses Kurdish cardagainst the EU

Cudi said that Belarus is clearly using the situation of the Kurds for its own interests, adding that "Belarus is using the negative situation of the Kurds against the European Union countries for its own benefit. Like the invading Turkish state, Belarus too uses the ‘Kurdish card’ to blackmail the European Union."