Hozat: Common struggle of opposition crucial to overthrow AKP-MHP government

"The overthrow of this fascist government will put the democratic solution to the Kurdish question and the construction of a state on the basis of democratic law on the agenda," said Besê Hozat.

Speaking in a special program broadcast on Medya Haber, KCK Executive Council co-chair Besê Hozat said that "the overthrow of this fascist government will put the democratic solution to the Kurdish question and the construction of a state on the basis of democratic law on the agenda."

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Importance of HDP´s new campaign ´Our Treasure is Our People´

"They cut the HDP's treasury aid, thus trying to break the will of the party and to make it unable to carry out election work on its own. But this won´t be successful. The HDP is not a state party. It is a democratic party of the peoples. It draws its strength from the peoples, from society. For years, the HDP did not remain on its feet by working with the help of the treasury. It relied on the people, took its strength from the people, worked and struggled with the support of the people. In this sense, the campaign launched recently by the HDP is really important. This expresses the essence of the HDP.

Yes, HDP's treasure is the people. It has worked like this for years. In other words, a party that feeds on the state cannot be very effective for the people. It will gradually get integrated into the system. This then leads to a shift with regards to the mentality, politics and work and to the breaking away from the people. We can clearly see this happening to the parties within the system. But now, the HDP will go to people more, go to houses, streets and neighborhoods. House by house, person by person, street by street, neighborhood by neighborhood, district by district, province by province, the HDP will mingle with the people, with society. It will embrace society, listen to its problems, find solutions for them, think about them, organize from the bottom up and thus reach the people. Exactly in this way, the HDP will take a form that is in line with its essence, program and political understanding. The new campaign ´Our Treasure is Our People´ should therefore not only be limited to this election period. It needs to be the permanent understanding and working style of the HDP. It needs to be its philosophy of struggle. This process will lead to the growth of the HDP, the strengthening of the Labor and Democracy Alliance, and a very successful political struggle both in this election process and the time afterwards. I truly believe in this."

Decision to hold early elections in Turkey

"Normally, the elections were going to take place in mid-June. Now, they have announced that the elections will take place a little bit earlier. Of course, this is connected to their own plans. The fascist AKP-MHP government is gradually losing votes. The MHP is really in a state of collapse and this is getting deeper and deeper. They want to enter this electoral process without any further erosion, before the voters turn against them even more. On the other hand, there is a serious economic crisis. This is a structural crisis, not a temporal one. The entire society in Turkey feels great anger. There are clear consequences of this economic crisis. As a result, things are developing to the disadvantage of the fascist AKP-MHP government. As this process drags on, the economic crisis deepens. Poverty, hunger and the protests in society are increasing. This has played a very important role in their decision to have the elections take place on an earlier date.

They tried to somehow get results based on the politics of war. But this hasn´t worked out either. In the following months, they will continue their war policy and increase the war even more. The fascist AKP-MHP government is becoming weaker and weaker. It is disintegrating and collapsing. With their war policy, genocide policy, fascism and all kinds of oppression and violence, they have not been able to break the will of society. The Kurdish society and the society in Turkey as a whole are waging a great struggle. Before this struggle increases even further, they want to take advantage of the situation by having the elections take place a little earlier. But this will also be useless. They will not get much result from this either."

"Lately,  special psychological warfare has increased a lot. They have done everything to break the will of the Kurdish people, to promote decay in society and to destroy its moral values. They consider all sectors in Kurdistan, from the civil servants to the police, the gendarmerie and the village guards, as elements of special warfare. They have pursued this policy in Kurdistan also against children and women. But they won´t be able to achieve anything like that. The women's struggle continues. The stance of women continues in a strong way. The same is true for Turkey. There is a strong women's movement there that continues its struggle. These special war policies have therefore not yielded many results. How exactly does this policy of social extermination against women and society as a whole look currently? They have been organizing contra groups in Kurdistan, so-called ´Osman Ocakları´. This scoundrel Soylu [Turkish Interior Minister] has created a movement called the ´National Beka Movement´. By putting these kinds of scoundrels, traitors and collaborators in such groups, Soylu uses them for the genocide policy against Kurdish society. The degeneration of society, various murders and massacres in Kurdistan and attacks on HDP buildings were all carried out by these groups. They have intensified the special war on the basis of degenerating society on the one hand, while on the other hand, committing physical genocide. But they have still not been able to reach their desired results."

Need for common struggle of opposition to overthrow AKP-MHP government

"The ´Table of Six´ has not developed any program for the solution to the Kurdish question. This is why Kurds have voiced serious criticism. The HDP has also made calls [on the ´Table of Six´]. This criticism continues to grow. At the current moment, it would not be realistic to expect a program from the ´Table of Six´ for the democratic solution to the Kurdish question. They have not overcome the politics of denial and annihilation. But they claim the following: ´We will rebuild the rule of law in Turkey. We will bring about reforms. This state will function according to the law. We will overcome this fascist dictatorship. This claim is of great importance for Turkey´s society. There used to be a law in Turkey. But that law never applied to the Kurds. In other words, the law had nothing to offer to the Kurds. That is a fact. Turkey´s laws are not of such a democratic nature."

"It is important to meet at the following point: The common denominator of the Labor and Freedom Alliance and the ´Table of Six´ is to overthrow the fascist dictatorship. This is their only common denominator. Otherwise, there is still no common ground with regards to democracy, the solution to the Kurdish question or the democratization of Turkey. This is a fact. If the ´Table of Six´ really wants to democratize Turkey, the way to do this is the democratic solution of the Kurdish question. How will you democratize Turkey without solving the Kurdish question on a democratic basis? This is not possible. As long as the policy of denial, extermination and genocide continues, there will be no democracy in Turkey. In this case, Turkey will gradually move towards fascism again. This is a fact. The overthrow of this fascist government will put the democratic solution to the Kurdish question and the construction of a state on the basis of democratic law on the agenda. Different dynamics will emerge. The tendency towards democracy will gain more ground for organizing, working, struggling and conducting politics in Turkey. In this sense, if the Labor and Freedom Alliance and the ´Table of Six´ agree on overthrowing this fascist dictatorship, it is extremely valuable to wage a joint struggle on this issue. Without the support of the HDP, without the support of the Labor and Freedom Alliance, it is not possible for the ´Table of Six´ to win the election. The HDP and the Labor and Freedom Alliance play a key role. If they want to win the support of the HDP and the Labor and Freedom Alliance, they need to adopt a democratic stance. And their candidate must be determined according to these criteria. This is important."

Germany´s recent decision to recognize Yazidi

"It is important that Germany has now recognized the Yazidi genocide. Twelve countries had done so earlier. At the same time, the following hypocrisy exists in European countries: they recognize the Yazidi genocide, but they do nothing. Normally, if a country recognizes a genocide, in order to prevent such a genocide from happening again, it needs to also recognize the self-administration [in Şengal]. Because this is how these genocides can be prevented. If the Yazidis and Şengal do not have a self-administration and self-defense forces, they may experience genocide again in the future. Germany and the other twelve countries that have recognized this genocide therefore need to recognize the self-administration and self-defense forces of Şengal. Only this will bring an end to this hypocritical policy. But if their recognition does not turn into something practical, if it does not result in recognizing the self-administration, nothing much will happen in practice. Germany has pursued a special policy for the Yazidis for decades. It has a very special policy on this issue and carries out serious missionary work. Germany is trying to pursue a policy of taking the Yazidis under its influence."

"The more we struggle, the more we get results. This recognition did not happen spontaneously. The Yazidis, the people of Şengal have waged a very serious struggle for the genocide to be recognized. They have waged a serious political, diplomatic and social struggle. As a result, the recognition happened. This has given great courage to the Yazidis. They can now further increase their struggle on this basis. They can make other states recognize genocide as well. At the same time, they can also make them accept the self-administration. The self-administration of Şengal must be accepted by the whole world. In this regard, Yazidis need to wage a very active political, legal, diplomatic and social struggle everywhere."

"The Şengal genocide, the 74th genocide, was a genocide directly initiated by the Turkish state. The Turkish state carried out this genocide together with the Islamic State [IS]. This attack did not take place independently of the Turkish state. Kidnapped [Yazidi] children have repeatedly been found in Ankara. All the Yazidis who went to Turkey were scattered all over the world. Many Yazidi women and children are still in the hands of IS. The Turkish state is part of this genocide. So if you recognize the genocide, you need to also recognize the Turkish state´s role in it. It took part in these genocidal attacks. Therefore, a corresponding attitude must be taken."

Rising discomfort of Swedish and Finnish societies with support for Turkey

"Sweden and Finland have recently lifted their arms embargo against Turkey. Turkey is slaughtering Kurds every day with the weapons it buys from Sweden, Finland and other European countries. It is committing genocide. Therefore, with this attitude, they [e.g. Sweden and Finland] became complicit in the genocide policy of Turkey against the Kurds. All this is happening with the weapons provided by Sweden, Finland, Germany and other European countries. I would therefore like to condemn this attitude. The Turkish state wants the whole world to be anti-Kurdish. This is what it is imposing on Sweden and Finland today. It has turned its NATO membership into a very serious asset to blackmail others. It also blackmails other countries with gangs [Islamist proxy forces] every day. Explosions [i.e. Islamist attacks] took place in many places in Europe in the past. The Turkish state assassinates our friends with the help of these gangs. Like a tyrant, it exports its fascism and violence everywhere. It exports its state terror everywhere and tries to impose its policy on everyone. The Turkish state says: `You will be anti-Kurdish just like me. You will prevent them from organizing demonstrations. You will actively support our Kurdish genocide policy and become an enemy of the Kurds.´ Now, by lifting their weapons embargo, Sweden and Finland are in a way serving this policy."

“We would like to criticize this attitude very seriously. The government that recently came to power in Sweden has made many concessions to Turkey. It extradited a patriot and exerted heavy pressure on Kurdish institutions there. But then it realized that the Turkish state knows no borders and that it keeps asking for more. Sweden has its own laws and understanding of democracy. It is a state known in Europe as a state of law, as a democratic state. Now it is increasingly trampling on its own law. This is causing serious discomfort in Swedish society. Serious criticism is gradually developing among the Swedish people. If the government continues like this, it will lose the next elections. This is certain. If there is an election in Finland, the current Finnish government will fall as well. There are serious protests by society in Finland. Society continues to criticize this policy. Thus, the government has realized that if this continues, they will lose their power. They themselves cannot cope with the pressure of society. As a result, both the current Swedish and Finnish governments have softened their stance a bit.”

"In addition, Turkey has entered an election process. Turkey´s society is very unhappy about the current situation. A serious opposition is developing against the current fascist government. Europe is also taking this into account: where will the relationship with this fascist regime in Turkey lead? This fascist government in Turkey also harms Europe. Turkey is a member of NATO. But it does not implement NATO's decisions. It does not apply any rules. It has signed the International Convention on Human Rights and other international conventions. But it does not implement any of them. The European Parliament takes decisions, yet the fascist government does not implement them. The CPT says something, but it does not implement it. This government does not implement the decisions taken by the European Parliament either. How far will this go? Apparently, the European states are also uncomfortable with this situation. Criticism is increasing in Germany and the press in the UK is also increasingly voicing criticism. So are France and the USA. There is serious pressure from the respective societies on these states and governments."