HPG commander Malazgirt reports from South Kurdistan

HPG commander Amed Malazgirt explained to ANF the current status of the guerrilla resistance against the Turkish occupation operation in South Kurdistan.

HPG commander Amed Malazgirt spoke about the state of the Turkish invasion of the Medya Defense Areas and the resistance of the guerrillas. Malazgirt points out that the Turkish state is using chemical weapons to break the guerrilla resistance. He calls for a fight against the AKP / MHP coalition and says: "The AKP will not give up its power through elections."

The HPG commander refers to the plans of the Turkish state from 2015 and says: “The Turkish state wanted to carry out the current operation in 2015. Therefore, he carried out various air and ground attacks in the whole of Zagros, in Cîlo, Çarçela, Zap, Avaşîn and Xakurke, and fierce fighting took place. The Turkish concept of extermination goes back to that time. At that time, however, the state and its army did not have the strength to fight the guerrillas. They have tried several times to expand their occupation attacks in South Kurdistan. For example, in Çarçela in 2015, in Ertûş in 2016, in Zap, in Xeregol in 2017 and in Xakurke in 2017-2018. As already mentioned, the Turkish state did not have the necessary technology and no paramilitaries to counter the guerrillas. After 2018, the Turkish army received new war technology from NATO. With the experience she has gained since 2015, she launched an invasion on April 23 of this year that continues to this day."

Commander Malazgirt continues: “This invasion began at the same time in Avaşîn, Zap and Metîna and is continuing in these regions. The operation is currently focused primarily on Avaşîn. At the beginning of the operation, the enemy assumed that the guerrillas would not be able to withstand modern technology. On the very first day, it used all means at its disposal, including combat bombers, drones, tanks and missiles. After the bombing, troops were dropped off in many places and attacked our positions. Our friends reacted with great resistance.

There has always been great resistance in the history of our movement, and there are many examples of this. Today's resistance, however, has a different character. The army is attacking more brutally than ever before with all means of the state and the guerrillas are resisting with new tactics and methods. The enemy hadn't expected that. It wanted to advance and occupy. That was its plan. In particular, the resistance led by Serhat Giravî at Mamreşo in Avaşîn dealt a heavy blow to the enemy. As a result, the army understood that it could not easily expand its crew. For this reason, it has resorted to dirty methods against the guerrillas. Chemical gas was used against our friends: in Mamreşo, seven of our comrades fell as a result.

After that, our friends inside the Dola Konferansê and Dola Maran dealt the enemy another violent blow. This is where the Turkish army experienced its first collapse. Dozens of soldiers have been killed in both places. For this reason, the army had to withdraw from some places in sections. The resistance of our friends has foiled the enemy’s plan. The enemy wanted to occupy these two valleys and close the siege ring. If he had succeeded, he would have surrounded Girê Sor, Kartal and thus the entire Basya area. That was prevented by our friends.

After that, on June 7th, the enemy turned first to Werxelê and then to Girê Sor. In both places, our friends have shown great resistance. The enemy has realized that, despite their technology and paramilitary forces, they will not be able to defeat the guerrillas. That is why, like at Mamreşo, they attacked with chemical weapons.

In Avaşîn, the state has used all means against the guerrillas. According to the information available to us, the jihadists that the Turkish state uses for its dirty work have also been used.

The war is currently going on with full force. Turkish troops are stationed in Boxaza, Banista, Şehîd Dilgeş and Şehîd Serdar. At the same time, troops in covert or open form are on the move in the area. It looks like the war will continue this winter as well. The enemy will want to advance in the direction of Qela Bedewê and Cîloya Biçûk, for this reason, the fighting could become even more violent."

Turkish coverage is part of psychological warfare

HPG commander Amed Malazgirt said about the reporting in the Turkish media that “the Turkish army has started an occupation operation in the areas of Kartal, Şehîd Diren, Stûnê and Şehîd Ali. Our friends there have put up a lot of resistance. This resistance lasted for a week. In Şehîd Ali and Şehîd Diren, the Turkish army was dealt heavy blows with sabotage and direct attacks. The army suffered great losses in the process. The reporting in the Turkish media that many fighters were killed and many surrendered is a lie. In the fighting, five friends died and four were taken prisoner.

The enemy used chemical weapons at the Girê Kartal. Our friends nevertheless resisted to the last. The chemical warfare agents acted on them. It is not true that they capitulated as the Turkish media claim. The Turkish army attacks with chemical weapons. This gas causes memory loss, it affects the nervous system. When two of them regained consciousness, they took their own lives to avoid falling into the hands of the enemy. There were only five friends in the tunnel in Kartal anyway. When two of them fell, the others fought the Turkish army in the tunnel for three days. In those three days they destroyed a drone and a robot and killed several soldiers. After that the army used chemical weapons on a massive scale and our friends were taken prisoner under the influence of the gas.

We appeal again to all institutions that stand up against war crimes and for human rights. You must go ahead and prosecute the crimes of the Turkish army against the guerrillas. We have been fighting fascism for years. Everyone has to fight against AKP / MHP fascism, because this is the only way to defeat it."